Brian patten poems about death

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brian patten poems about death

Selected Poems Quotes by Brian Patten

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Published 28.11.2018

Dear Mum - Brian Patten - Hong Kong Speech Festival 2012 Guide

If Neruda's questions provoke deeper thinking about life, loss, memory and time, then poet Brian Patten's work, So many different lengths of.

When You Wake Tomorrow - Poem by Brian Patten

He said it had been a dreadful place. He said it had been wonderful. You know how sometimes in a crowd you recognise someone, then in hardly a blink of time you realise it could not possibly be the person you imagined? Well, this poem came about that way. I saw you pass the window the other day, As beautiful as ever, the same auburn hair And legs the proverbial forever. I rushed out into the street. Called your name.

He said: 'Let's stay here Now this place has emptied And make gentle pornography with one another, While the partygoers go out And the dawn creeps in, Like a stranger. Let us not hesitate Over what we know Or over how cold this place has become, But let's unclip our minds And let tumble free The mad, mangled crocodile of love. This is a very interesting poem Report Reply. Brian Wow I enjoyed your poem nice one Report Reply. This is just superb. The evocation of place and atmosphere - Woodbines, Guiness, gentle pornogrphy, Love this poem.

So Many Different Lengths Of Time - Poem by Brian Patten How long does How long does a man spend living or dying and what do we mean.
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I did not sleep last night. The falling snow was beautiful and white. I dressed, sneaked down the stairs And opened wide the door. I had not seen such snow before. Our grubby little street had gone; The world was brand-new, and everywhere There was a pureness in the air.

I will give you a poem when you wake tomorrow. It will be a peaceful poem. It will simply be a poem to give you When you wake tomorrow. It was not written by myself alone. I cannot lay claim to it. I found it in your body. In your smile I found it.


  1. Thomas B. says:

    How long does a man live after all? A thousand days or only one? One week or a few centuries? How long does a man spend living or dying.

  2. Desiree E. says:

    How long does a man live after all?

  3. Travion T. says:

    Brian Patten

  4. Skyssymlupa says:

    Remembering Snow Poem by Brian Patten - Poem Hunter

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