Facts about jesus for kids

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facts about jesus for kids

50 Facts About Jesus: A Christian Fact Book for Kids by Matthew Mitchell

My story is a fairly normal one. Here is a timeline of the major events in my life.

12 years old - Started seeking Gods face
15 years old - Life transforming encounter with God and called into ministry
17 years old - Started ministry
18 years old - Wrote several book
19 years old - Founded a publishing company

And this is where my story is currently and I cant wait to go even further with God and life.

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God's Story: Jesus

Jesus (born some time between 7 and 3 BC, died between 30 and 33 AD), also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, is the central figure of Christianity.
Matthew Mitchell

Jesus Christ Facts & Worksheets

Jesus born some time between 7 and 3 BC , died between 30 and 33 AD , also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth , is the central figure of Christianity. Most historians agree that he was a Jew from a place called Judea , in the country that is today called Palestine. They also agree that he was thought of as a teacher and a healer , and that he was baptized by John the Baptist. He was crucified in Jerusalem on the orders of Pontius Pilate. Stories about the life of Jesus have been recorded by different writers. The best known are four books called gospels. They form the beginning of the New Testament , a part of the Bible.

I love sharing with children in Sunday school some of the fun facts about the Bible. Many children do not understand that the Bible is the actual word of God that He inspired men to write. Sharing things about the Bible and even some fun things that are in the Bible is a great way for children to learn about God. Here are 10 fun Bible facts that you can share with your Sunday school kids. It might even be fun to challenge the kids with a Bible verse that they can take home to their parents who can help them discover a fun fact for themselves. And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died. Genesis

We hope that you will find some of the following Jesus Facts interesting and their are some little known pieces of trivia which may surprise you. Enjoy learning about the Bible using these Jesus Facts as discussion topics for Christian adults, children, kids, teens and youth groups. Jesus Facts - Did You Know? Read our selection of 20 of our favorite Jesus Facts They are commonly known as Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar as these names were detailed in an early 6th century Greek manuscript. Fact Three - The 12 disciples were not were not allowed to carry food, money, or extra clothing. Fact Four - Jesus Christ was a historical person about whom many ancient authors wrote.


Time magazine calls Jesus the most influential figure in history. If it were possible, with some sort of super-magnet, to pull up out of that history every scrap of metal bearing at least a trace of his name, how much would be left? The only in-depth account we have of Jesus comes from the gospels, and John tells us that they only record a fraction of all Jesus did:. And for the 2. Between the well-known stories and parables are little details that illuminate points of interest about Jesus, his disciples, and first-century life in the near east.

A preacher who impacted the world from his time forward and embraced the death to save his people from their sins. Listed below are some interesting facts about Jesus Christ, the Guardian of humanity and our ultimate savior:. Is that his real name? He had a whole lot of siblings. Jesus had several half brothers and sisters. Source: gotqustions. It was in the 4 th century that the church finally decided upon December 25 th as his day of birth.


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