What is the ancient magus bride about

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what is the ancient magus bride about

The Ancient Magus Bride, Vol. 1 by Kore Yamazaki

OK, this... is what I get for browsing Amazon after midnight when the gremlins are abroad, but anyway, this one is intriguing. I was looking for a counter to the latest very shonen thing Id read, and this was.

Someone once said the two ur-models for romance are Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and this tale falls squarely into the second camp. It is also, I suspect, informed by the The Tale of Genji romance model, less known in the West. Some other reviewers who are having very 21st-Century freakouts over the age and (so far) power differentials of the two protagonists may be unaware of the latter thousand-year-old Heian classic novel, dunno. (Ive actually read Genji, ages ago in translation.)

Shall not attempt to describe the plot so far, but the mode is on the whole gentle, with dark edges. I liked it enough to consider buying Vol. 2 for my tablet, well see.

Ta, L.

Much later: have just read this through to the end of Vol. 9, and found that the anime tracks the manga very well throughout, even, mostly, the ending at episode 24 which I had incorrectly suspected to be an anime add-on. Vol. 9 does go on one scene farther, which starts a new arc. Vol. 10 is not yet at my library. Still very pretty artwork.

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The Ancient Magus Bride: The Magic of Fantasy Worlds

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Kore Yamazaki

The Ancient Magus Bride – Why Do We Fall In Love With It?

Hey everyone. Before we get started, I just wanted to give out a big thanks to Joshua Ott for sponsoring this review with his Patreon donation. Ever since she can remember, she has been able to perceive and interact with eldritch creatures that no one else can see or hear. Year after year, she has been passed between family members, never finding a stable home—constantly being harassed by the terrifying monsters that surround her. But just in the moments before she does, she meets a strange man who offers her a proposal. Her ability to see spirits marks her as a rare type of human. At this, her lowest point, Chise is has spent nearly her entire life completely rejected by everyone—including those who were supposed to care for her unconditionally.

The Ancient Magus' Bride is a Japanese dark fantasy shonen manga series written and illustrated by Kore Yamazaki. The series is published in Japan by Mag.
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Sign in. Elias starts to teach Chise magic seriously. They are hired by church to check black dog for them.

The Ancient Magus' Bride Mahou Tsukai no Yome is an ongoing shonen manga by Kore Yamazaki that tells the story of fifteen-year old Japanese orphan Chise Hatori, a sleigh beggy who is bought as a slave by the enigmatic, inhuman British mage Elias Ainsworth. He announces that he will tutor her in the ways of magic The problem is that Elias has a Dark and Troubled Past , and Chise herself is practically a magnet for terrible luck , so supernatural horrors quickly start bearing down upon the two of them. Between doing odd jobs for the local church as penance for Elias's former deeds , fighting off curious demons, and trying to find a way to keep Chise's power from overflowing and killing her , the two of them end up getting into far more trouble than they manage to get out of. A anime adaptation began airing in October of Funimation 's Simuldub of the anime series premiered on October 30th,


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    Welcome to The Ancient Magus Bride Wikia, the unofficial comprehensive source of information on the Mahoutsukai no Yome series that anyone can edit.

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