The way i feel about you

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the way i feel about you

Quote by Amy Harmon: “Ive never felt about anybody the way I feel ab...”

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Published 22.11.2018

Liva K. - The Way I Feel About You (Original Mix)

Why Do I Feel The Way I Feel?

Share this page. Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz. Find out more about our use of this data , and also our policy on profanity. Find out more about our use of this data. This new offering from the scaled down four-piece - their fourth - is easily their Jack Smith The press release that accompanied the CD states that this is Six By Sevens continued assault against mediocrity.

The present study examined whether processing words with affective connotations in a listener's native language may be modulated by accented speech. To address this question, we used the Event Related Potential ERP technique and recorded the cerebral activity of Spanish native listeners, who performed a semantic categorization task, while listening to positive, negative and neutral words produced in standard Spanish or in four foreign accents. The behavioral results yielded longer latencies for emotional than for neutral words in both native and foreign-accented speech, with no difference between positive and negative words. The electrophysiological results replicated previous findings from the emotional language literature, with the amplitude of the Late Positive Complex LPC , associated with emotional language processing, being larger more positive for emotional than for neutral words at posterior scalp sites. Interestingly, foreign-accented speech was found to interfere with the processing of positive valence and go along with a negativity bias, possibly suggesting heightened attention to negative words. The manipulation employed in the present study provides an interesting perspective on the effects of accented speech on processing affective-laden information.

Please leave empty:. Which physical symptoms have you been experiencing lately? Choose the closest answer, even if you haven't experienced all the symptoms. Stomach pain, having a sense of dread, crying, blushing, wanting to hide, feeling jittery, having a sense of suffocation. Frowning, inactivity, moving slowly, withdrawal, talking less than usual, monotone voice, giving up, moping. Sweating, feeling jittery, trembling, shortness of breath, muscle tension, uncomfortable stomach, feeling cold. Incoherence, tightness in the body, a hot face, muscles tightening, clenched teeth, wanting to hit something.

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Verse 1: Do you remember, that cozy summer night Back In september, how the moon It was so right And that moment still lingers In my mind Sitting alone yeah, reminiscing of that night You're lip's on mine, the gleaming In you're eyes That special feeling still linger's In my mind. Chorus: It's the way I feel about you, everytime I hold you In my arms I could never live without you, girl you know that you're the only one And forever I'll hold you In my heart. Verse 2: Tell me you remember, When you came and sat so close to me Could you hear my heart whisper, telling you that you are all I need A glimpse of your smile tells me this was meant to be yeah. Verse 3: Love Is a blessing, oh that comes once In life Some take It for granted, oh but not this love of mine She's something I'll treasure for the rest of my life. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only.

Jump to navigation. Sometimes that's been to their detriment - too open, too honest, perhaps - but it's certainly why fans connect with their music. Not that there's been a lot to connect with of late, admittedly. The band stuttered to a halt in , going their separate ways to accept separate challenges. Somehow, though, they found each other again. But there's much more to this return than meets the eye. Singer Tom Chaplin gave up his successful solo career, deciding to voice Tim Rice-Oxley's songs about heartbreak, grief, divorce, and family, and in the process rediscovered one of his deepest and most lasting friendships.


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