What is black beauty book about

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what is black beauty book about

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty spends his youth in a loving home, surrounded by friends and cared for by his owners. But when circumstances change, he learns that not all humans are so kind. Passed from hand to hand, Black Beauty witnesses love and cruelty, wealth and poverty, friendship and hardship . . . Will the handsome horse ever find a happy and lasting home? Carefully retold in clear contemporary language, and presented with delightful illustrations, these favorite classic stories capture the heart and imagination of young readers. By retelling the story in a shorter, simpler form, these books become highly engaging for children, and the color illustrations help with both comprehension and interest level. Black Beauty is part of a collectible series that has strong gift appeal.
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Black Beauty - Anna Sewell

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell – review

The story begins in a meadow of 19th century England, where the young horse, Black Beauty , has just been born. There, his mother nurtures him, raises him and gives him advice which he remembers and acts on for the rest of his life: do good and give your best effort always and everything will work out. The story of his life is this advice in living form. As his youngest days pass in that meadow, he witnesses the death of his own brother and a rider in a hunting accident. After this coming-of-age training, he is ready to leave the meadow of his youth. He is sold to Squire Gordon , a man who takes a liking to this strong, young, beautifully dark coated horse. There he meets those who will become among his dearest friends: Ginger, Merrylegs , John Manly and James.

Look Inside. Although his early colthood is happy, Black Beauty later tastes the bitterness of cruel handlers and indifferent masters as he passes from hand to hand, progressing from the country to London and back again. Here is the compelling tale of a spirited young Thoroughbred that captured the hearts of readers throughout Victorian England when it was first published in This masterfully illustrated classic is skillfully adapted by Newbery Award-winning author Robin McKinley and remains faithful to the original. Over fifty stunning illustrations from acclaimed artist Christian Birmingham bring this treasured classic new life. When Black Beauty was born one sweet spring day, he could not have imagined the life ahead of him. Beauty faces each challenge with bravery and kindness — and then a chance encounter with an old friend brings him the greatest joy of all.

Black Beauty is an novel by English author Anna Sewell.
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Black Beauty starts at the beginning, with Beauty's birth. Beauty's story is set in Victorian England, a time when horses were crucial since they were the main mode of transportation for humans. Raised by his mother, Duchess, under the kind care of Farmer Grey, Beauty learns from a young age that humans can be either a horse's greatest ally or their worst enemy. Beauty spends the early part of his life with thoughtful, caring people who know how to keep horses healthy and happy, but he is always aware that other horses aren't so lucky. After an idyllic childhood with Farmer Grey, Beauty is sent to Squire Gordon at Birtwick Park, where he spends the happiest years of his life. There he's cared for by John Manly, a wise and perceptive groom, and makes friends with the other Birtwick horses, including spunky and feisty Ginger, who learns to chill out under John's care, and sweet Merrylegs, a pony who adores the young children on the estate. But Beauty's life isn't all rainbows and sunshine, since he often encounters other horses that have been mistreated by their masters.


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    Black Beauty is an novel by English author Anna Sewell. It was composed in the last Her only book was Black Beauty, written between 18in her house at Old Catton. During this time, her health was declining, and she.

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