Michael wolf book about trump

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michael wolf book about trump

Siege: Trump Under Fire by Michael Wolff

Michael Wolff, author of the bombshell bestseller Fire and Fury, once again takes us inside the Trump presidency to reveal a White House under siege.

With Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff defined the first phase of the Trump administration; now, in Siege, he has written an equally essential and explosive book about a presidency that is under fire from almost every side. A stunningly fresh narrative that begins just as Trump’s second year as president is getting underway and ends with the delivery of the Mueller report, Siege reveals an administration that is perpetually beleaguered by investigations and a president who is increasingly volatile, erratic, and exposed.
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Published 27.11.2018

Michael Wolff predicts how Trump's presidency will end

Siege: Trump under Fire by Michael Wolff – review

T he Trump presidency began as reality TV , with a cast of loud-mouthed, dim-witted chancers embroiled in histrionic tiffs. But the nuclear fulminations were only bluff, and Trump soon began to exchange endearments with the chubby North Korean despot, having been told that he might qualify for the Nobel peace prize. Siege reclassifies the hapless administration as a comic opera, calls the president a clown, and makes his rants and tantrums sound absurd not alarming. To keep us quaking, Wolff gives his gossipy narrative a militarised title: we are asked to imagine Trump holed up in the White House as his enemies, armed with subpoenas, close in. Yet this is not the siege of Mafeking , let alone that of Leningrad.

Here we go again: another juicy book about the White House, early leaks, a round of flat denials, shortly to be followed—in all likelihood—by a set of fevered interpretations and recriminations. The book is Siege , by Michael Wolff. But the bigger problem is the format. What more can we learn about a president who is already so heavily exposed? Once upon a time, the tell-all would actually tell something new about a president.

Fire and Fury, which has reportedly sold more than 4 million copies to date, was simply too down-and-dirty, too explosive, too scandalous for any sources to be willing to talk to Wolff again. Apparently not. As Axios recently reported , Wolff interviewed some people for the Fire and Fury sequel— out June 4 from Henry Holt—more than two-thirds of whom were repeat customers. Former senior officials, Trump pals, etc. And once again, the dirt is abundant.

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff – review

President Donald Trump and the staff of his presidential campaign and White House., In the end, we know a lot of the same people.





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