Best fiction books about japan

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best fiction books about japan

Popular Japanese Fiction Books

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Published 26.11.2018

My Favourite Japanese Books

Top 10 books about Japan

This page may contain affiliate links. I always like to read about a destination before I visit and Japan is perfect for this. It has a unique and fascinating culture and learning more about it before you visit will increase your enjoyment of the country. There is a huge range of books about Japan including memoirs, novels, and books on Japanese culture. Here are some of my favourites:.

Home Latest Ten great books set in Japan. Japan is a fascinating, yet alien, society to most Westerners. The first couple of times you visit you think you have cracked the people and the culture — and feel quite pleased with yourself. Then as you visit more and I have been to Japan the best part of one hundred times you begin to realise that your are only scratching the surface of something very complex. Japan is a very foreign place with very different ways of behaving.

1) A Geek in Japan: Discovering the Land of Manga, Anime, Zen, The book covers both traditional culture such as sumo and Golden used interviews with Iwasaki, one of the best geishas of.
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Psychology and zoology graduate Fiona Campbell began writing after moving to Tokyo. For me they were about the chance encounters between strangers that can touch lives, and the miraculous events scattered throughout daily existence., Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

Hopefully, this will save you from making the wrong decision. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. How much do I love it? As someone who taught English in Asia for many years, I could relate to the main character. No one will tell him how he died.

If we missed a great book you think we should include, please let us know — happy reading! The books below — which span topics ranging from gardens to Zen, and fashion to anime — provide an immersive introduction to a breadth of fascinating topics related to Japanese culture. These varied and colorful firsthand accounts are an invaluable way to vicariously experience Japan through the keen eyes of an eclectic collection of observers. Japan is blessed with an incredible wealth of classic and modern literature. The sampling below will help get you started, and we recommend diving more deeply into the works of several of the authors below.


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