Who is foo fighters best of you about

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who is foo fighters best of you about

Something Good by Robert Munsch

Tyya went shopping with her family. Tyya gets her own cart and loads it up with 100 boxes of ice cream. Her father does not let her buy the sugary junk. While she is putting it back, she passes the candy section and puts in 300 chocolate bars in the cart. Her father says no. Her father tells Tyya to not move while he finishes his grocery shopping. A lady puts a price tag on Tyya’s nose and put her on the shelf with all of the other dolls. A man wants to buy her for $29.95. Then, a lady wants to buy her. Then, Tyya’s father is looking for her and is wondering why she is on the shelf. In the end, the father has to pay for his daughter because she has a price tag on her nose.

Tyya is Robert Munschs daughter, and this story was created because she wanted to buy a suggary marshmallow cereal, and he wouldnt let her.

This story is one of my favorites by Robert Munsch because it not only has his daughter doing exactly what she is supposed to in the end, it backfires on him and he has to pay for her because her behavior was so good that everyone thought that she was a doll!
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Foo Fighters - Best Of You in the Live Lounge

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D ave Grohl must have had a multitude of ambitions when he began recording under the name Foo Fighters six months after Kurt Cobain's suicide in , not least to swiftly try and dodge the long shadow cast by his former band and its horrible ending. But it seems unlikely that among them was a burning desire to write a self-help anthem for disgraced political figures, a Heather Small's Proud for someone who spent today counter-briefing, smearing and falsely suggesting his opponents had sexually transmitted diseases. But that's what Grohl unwittingly ended up doing, at least according to Damian McBride's memoir Power Trip , which reveals that, after being forced to resign as Gordon Brown's special adviser, McBride lifted his spirits by playing Foo Fighters' Best of You: it made him feel "genuinely euphoric". It's not the only time the single has cropped up as a kind of alpha-male affirmation: in 30 Rock , the blossoming bromance between Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon's then-boyfriend Floyd was sealed when the latter announced the song might have been written about the former, which rather suggested he hadn't looked too closely at the lyrics. You can see why people have mistaken Best of You for a grunge equivalent to one of those motivational posters that features a sunset and some ghastly littlea motto such as "not to have tried is the true failure". Its chorus — "is someone getting the best of you?

Dave Grohl notes that the song was written following appearances at American presidential candidate John Kerry 's campaign trail and is "about breaking away from the things that confine you". The song won the Kerrang! Award for Best Single. Following the band's performance at Live Earth , the song again entered the UK charts at number Once the Foo Fighters recorded a demo, they shelved it feeling they could do better. It was only brought back for further production by manager John Silva, who felt "Best of You"'s absence while listening to what they had recorded that far. Grohl stated that while many of his songs start with the music and lyrics come last, the words for "Best of You" were fast to write.

Play "Best of You" on Amazon Music. It's about the refusal to be taken advantage of by something that's bigger than you, or someone you're in love with. It's the fight in the face of adversity," Grohl said. And the first few times we rehearsed it, I thought, 'There's no way I'll be able to play this live. There's blood in my throat. When you go out and sing words from the heart, you scream twice as hard.

"Best of You" is a song by American alternative rock band Foo Fighters, released as the lead single from the band's fifth studio album, In Your Honor ().
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    What had already been sealed as an otherworldly performance was elevated to a level of transcendent pop-star divinity when Prince reached the climax of his universally lauded Super Bowl halftime set with "Purple Rain" just as the skies opened up.

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