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books about being a nurse

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Published 26.11.2018

My Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Being A Nurse

5 days ago As summer winds to a close, your poolside reading list should be completed. ( Hopefully, nurses everywhere scheduled summer downtime to.
Theresa Brown

5 Must-Read Books For Nurses

Nurses are the professionals who experience stress and workload for a longer period on a regular basis. This results into emotional enervation and burnout. Even effective measures adopted to get relief seem baseless in such a condition, and at the end, you are left with no clue about how to get rid of the exhaustion. To overcome this physical, mental or emotional breakdown, you can indulge yourself into reading. You may be unaware of the fact that reading has been proved as one of the best ways to deduct the stress levels and it also helps you work better and faster. There are some books available in the market which have their own unique benefits as per the perspective of nurses. Thus, we have made a list of the books that ever nurse must read.

Entertaining and inspiring, the eight non-fiction books below are recommended not only for nurses but also for anyone working in the healthcare industry. Real life accounts are stored in these books, depicting various angles of the Nursing profession. The stories are brimming with courage, hope, love, determination and other great human characteristics that help shape and improve the lives of others. This educational book debunks the myths about the Nursing profession and emphasizes the relevant role it plays in the US healthcare system. This is an eye- opening as well as an inspiring book for those who want to become nurses. The book shows how nurses fare in a city public health environment where love, hope and laughter can possibly exist despite of poverty, racism and neglect.

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Reading is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to do this. There are a countless number of nursing books on the Internet and in bookstores, which means you may feel overwhelmed. Keep in mind, these books are in no particular order or preference, and were independently researched only to benefit our readers. Inspired Nurse by Rich Bluni, RN This book by registered nurse Rich Bluni, is a thought-provoking workbook that is meant to keep readers inspired by their chosen career of nursing. Bluni, an inspirational speaker as well, utilizes spiritual stretches to help readers discover the many gifts that nursing brings, such as joy, wonder, gratitude and grief.


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    5 Amazing Books About Becoming A Nurse - Nurse Theory

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    Check out some great books for nurses, written by nurses.

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    Brooks brothers books how to be a lady how emotions are made audiobook

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    5 Must-Read Books For Nurses - NurseBuff

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    When it comes to the field of nursing most people (nursing students included) focus on the technical and mechanical aspects of being a nurse, but few truly.

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