Books about living a simple life

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books about living a simple life

Popular Simple Living Books

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Published 25.11.2018

A Simple Life

Popular Simple Life Books

Discover in this article, the best 19 books on minimalism and simple living so that you can feel free again. Before the consumerism era, we are pretty satisfied with what we had and our lives. Now we feel as if nothing is ever enough; not us, not what we own. The tricky thing is, most things placed in storage, never get to see the light of day again. Most people believe we are still in a recession even though the economy has improved significantly.

I absolutely love to read. So much to be read, how to read it all? While I read quite a few non-fiction guides to living simply and share those often, I wanted to share some that you may not know of because they are not the HOW TO books. Wendell Berry, the author, is from my state and the way he writes resonates with my soul. I love this honest look at her life. Notes from a Blue Bike is so inspiring for living intentionally and simply. I really liked this one and want to read it again.

I talk a lot about keeping things simple, here at Simple As That. Am I perfect at it? Beyond Snapshots A moment captured is worth more than a moment forgotten—no matter how imperfect the lighting or how basic the camera.
wubbzy a little help from my friends dvd

A book on the spiritual aspects of living a simple life

Some motivation to re-discover what it was again what really matters in life. - Elaine St. James, former real estate businesswoman, is the author of the national bestsellers Simplify Your Life and Inner Simplicity.





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