Fun facts about queen elizabeth 1

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fun facts about queen elizabeth 1

The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir


Perhaps the most influential sovereign England has ever known, Queen Elizabeth I remained an extremely private person throughout her reign, keeping her own counsel and sharing secrets with no one--not even her closest, most trusted advisers. Now, in this brilliantly researched, fascinating new book, acclaimed biographer Alison Weir shares provocative new interpretations and fresh insights on this enigmatic figure.

Against a lavish backdrop of pageantry and passion, intrigue and war, Weir dispels the myths surrounding Elizabeth I and examines the contradictions of her character. Elizabeth I loved the Earl of Leicester, but did she conspire to murder his wife? She called herself the Virgin Queen, but how chaste was she through dozens of liaisons? She never married—was her choice to remain single tied to the chilling fate of her mother, Anne Boleyn? An enthralling epic that is also an amazingly intimate portrait, The Life of Elizabeth I is a mesmerizing, stunning reading experience.
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Elizabeth I: Ruled England for 44 Years - Fast Facts - History

But despite all this, she rose to become known as one of England's greatest Elizabeth enjoyed music and theatre and in created Queen.
Alison Weir

16 Interesting Facts About Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth was the Queen of England and Ireland from to Here are some interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth I: Image: 4. Emergence of the Queen. On 7 th September , a little princess was born at Greenwich Palace, near London. The baby was named Elizabeth after her two great-grandmothers; Elizabeth Howard and Elizabeth of York. Source: Wikipedia, image: wikimedia. The presumptive heiress.

Flame-haired, white-faced and always lavishly dressed, Elizabeth possessed the natural charisma of her father, Henry VIII, and was the darling of her people. Her finest hour came in when she defeated the Spanish Armada, catapulting her to legendary status. Although Elizabeth is now hailed as one of our greatest monarchs, she should never have got anywhere near the throne. She was not only a girl at a time when the laws of succession favoured boys, but she had an elder sister, Mary. It is one of the greatest ironies of history that Henry VIII had been so obsessed with having a son, yet his cherished boy only reigned for six years, dying of tuberculosis at the age of just The second in line, Mary, did not fare much better. Her brief, catastrophic reign ended after just five years.

Queen Elizabeth I changed the English-speaking world and the course of history forever. Check out these surprising facts about one of the most influential women of all time.
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1. She was multilingual

Mary I - Bloody Mary (British Monarchy Documentary) - Timeline

Queen Elizabeth I was the Queen of England and Ireland who ruled for more than 44 years and is considered one of the greatest monarchs in the history of England. Elizabeth had a difficult childhood. Her mother was executed when she was less than three years old and she had to face abuse by the husband of her step mother. When her step sister Mary I became Queen, Elizabeth was imprisoned and narrowly survived execution. The reign of Elizabeth I is known as the Elizabethan era and is considered one of the golden ages in English history. It was a period of stability and prosperity in which there was flowering of the arts and literature.


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    Elizabeth relied on Dee's counsel in the scheduling of important events and, as one rumor suggests, in the removal of a troublesome “death curse.”.

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