Everything you need to know about the bible book

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everything you need to know about the bible book

Dont Know Much About the Bible: Everything You Need to Know About the Good Book but Never Learned by Kenneth C. Davis

With wit, wisdom, and an extraordinary talent for turning dry, difficult reading into colorful and realistic accounts, the creator of the bestselling Dont Know Much About®, series now brings the world of the Old and New testaments to life as no one else can in the bestseller Dont Know Much About® The Bible. Relying on new research and improved translations, Davis uncovers some amazing questions and contradictions about what the Bible really says. Jerichos walls may have tumbled down because the city lies on a fault line. Moses never parted the Red Sea. There was a Jesus, but he wasnt born on Christmas and he probably wasnt an only child.

Davis brings readers up-to-date on findings gleaned from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic Gospels that prompt serious scholars to ask such serious questions as: Who wrote the Bible? Did Jesus say everything we were taught he did? Did he say more? By examining the Bible historically, Davis entertains and amazes, provides a much better understanding of the subject, and offers much more fun learning about it.
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The Book of Numbers

The Bible was written over a span of years, by 40 writers.
Kenneth C. Davis

The Beginner's Guide to Reading the Bible

In a young girl named Helen Cadbury sewed a pocket in her dress to keep part of the Bible in it. She would write out some scripture each day and pray for one person to share it with. She enlisted her friends in a group they called The Pocket Testament League. He has written this powerful description of why we need to be reading Scripture every day. The Bible is the single most important book ever written.

1. There was an Old Testament "book of life."

You may have heard snippets of Bible stories during sermons, Bible study groups, or through popular media, but how many have you read for yourself? The Bible holds a wealth of engaging, enlightening, and immensely gratifying books that can deepen your faith and strengthen your spirituality. Most Christians find that reading the books not only brings them closer to God, but it is an enjoyable and entertaining activity. Psalms is a collection of poems and songs. Reading through Psalms gives Christians peace and comfort, with many poems and songs that resonate with people.


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