What is anthem for doomed youth about

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what is anthem for doomed youth about

Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen

Tonight he noticed how the womens eyes
Passed from him to the strong men that were whole.

The true horror of the trenches is brought to life in this selection of poetry from the front line.

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Wilfred Owen (1893-1918).

Owen is available in Penguin Classics in Three Poets of the First World War: Ivor Gurney, Isaac Rosenberg, Wilfred Owen.
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"Anthem for Doomed Youth" - language and structure features

Wilfred Owen: Poems Summary and Analysis of "Anthem for Doomed Youth"

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In A Nutshell

And it's a reality that a lot of the general public is sheltered from. Back home, there's usually a whole bunch of pomp and circumstance in wartime. There are funerals and prayers, parades and flag waving. There's a lot of talk about patriotism and glory. But, it's often completely detached from what's actually going on where the fighting is. And where the fighting is, things are a lot less glamorous. He entered the Great War full of enthusiasm and patriotic fervor, ready to fight and die for his country.

The speaker says there are no bells for those who die "like cattle" all they get is the "monstrous anger of the guns". They have only the ragged sounds of the rifle as their prayers. They get no mockeries, no bells, no mourning voices except for the choir of the crazed "wailing shells" and the sad bugles calling from their home counties. There are no candles held by the young men to help their passing, only the shimmering in their eyes to say goodbye. The pale faces of the girls will be what cover their coffins, patient minds will act as flowers, and the "slow dusk" will be the drawing of the shades. This searing poem is one of Owen's most critically acclaimed. It was written in the fall of and published posthumously in


  1. Leone G. says:

    Owen had been admitted to the hospital after suffering from shell shock after a period of fighting in the Battle of the Somme.

  2. Desiree M. says:

    Wilfred Owen: Poems

  3. Kai M. says:

    Anthem For Doomed Youth is a war poem Owen wrote whilst recovering from shell-shock in a Scottish hospital. The year was Less than.

  4. Burnell Q. says:

    As the First World War raged on to its completion, Wilfred Owen, the poem, spent the final days of the war incarcerated in Craiglockhart, suffering from an acute case of shellshock and trying to write through the trauma using poetry.

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