Funny quotes about being insane

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funny quotes about being insane

Crazy Quotes (737 quotes)

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Published 24.11.2018

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Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old being crazy quotes, being crazy sayings, and being crazy proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. You have to go on and be crazy.

300 Funny Quotes To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Sugar coated words can create more intensity than saying it in a somber way. Live a motivated life who does not keep things off but holds them tightly. Below you will find our best collection of crazy quotes. Originally posted by designbolts. Originally posted by ninorata.

Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird. Be whatever, because life is too short to be anything but happy. The hardest thing to find in life is happiness - money is only hard to find because it gets wasted trying to find happiness. Life is too short to remove USB safely. I'm not crazy, my unicorn just needs a tuneup. I'm the kind of crazy you weren't warned about because no one knew this level existed. The trick is to not let people know how weird you are until it's too late for them to back out.

Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? Not only does laughter reduce stress, it lowers your blood pressure, gives you an excellent ab workout, and releases endorphins.
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Here are 28 Notable Quotes About Being Crazy

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "crazy" Showing of And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid. There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. And everyone else belonged somewhere and to someone. People thought she was too wonderful.

A list of senseless quotations that are dumb and extremely amusing. Even the most naive person can say something really funny. Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems, I'm tired of solving them for you. Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird. Be whatever, because life is too short to be anything but happy. A cop pulled me over and told me "Papers", so I said "Scissors, I win!


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