I don t care what they say about you

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i don t care what they say about you

Quote by P. T. Barnum: “I dont care what the newspapers say about me a...”

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Published 24.11.2018

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Top definition. Don't Care unknown. When you don't want to listen to someone's conversation, or hear what they have to say. When you could care much much less about what they have to say. It is random and unnecessary. Derived from one of the 3 values used in digital technics : 0,1, dontcare Use it when someone shares any information but you're not interested.

Or browse results titled :. They say "Have you found a job yet? Because you'll never join the rat race, and conformity kills. Then you ask them for some money 'cos you've gotta pay the bills. You take all that they gave you and you go to the shop. Get a tenner for the leccy and some booze flavoured pop. Usually white cider 'cos it's cool to drink that.

Because speaking from experience I spent most of my life caring what others thought of me. I know your scared and worried that people may not accept you for being you or that they will say things about you suddenly acting different or being different and all I can say is let them. Let the real you come out and be whoever you want, do whatever you want and just be happy. We only get one life we have every right to live it the way we want. Because the people that truly love and care about you will embrace you no matter what. Being you is all you can do. Confidence is key, be comfortable in your own skin.

I Don't Care What Everybody Else Says About You, I Think you're a Cunt.

The other day, my friend Jemma called me all upset. Jemma was reeling. And I was surprised it bothered her this much. What does she know about anything? I knew this probably had nothing to do with Tom. Or his haircut.

Creedence Clearwater Revival. I Don't Care What Happens. Be Quiet and Drive Far Away. Take Me with You. Apollonia , Prince and the Revolution. Apollonia , Prince , Prince and the Revolution.


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    One of the best feelings in the world is when you stop caring about things that used to bother you.

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    What does it mean when someone says "just because I like you doesn't mean I think you’re attractive"? What does it mean when someone says “I don’t feel like myself?”? What does it mean when someone says “I feel like I don’t know you anymore?”.

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