Good and bad things about slavery

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good and bad things about slavery

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Published 24.11.2018

Gold, Silver & Slaves (Britain's Slave Trade Documentary) - Timeline

Attempts to justify slavery

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. A number of arguments have been put forward to try and justify slavery. None of them would find much favour today, but at various times in history many people found some of these arguments entirely reasonable. Virtually everyone agrees that slavery is inhumane and degrading and wrong, but since for much of history many people defended it, it's important to demonstrate why it's wrong. This argument says that some people are slaves as part of the natural order of the universe, or as part of God's plan, and it is wrong to interfere with this by abolishing slavery - nobody nowadays regards slavery as a natural thing. But if this argument was to be used then there would have to be some certain way of distinguishing natural slaves from those who should not be enslaved - without such a method injustice is sure to occur.

Imagine being one of only three African-American children in a class of 26 eighth graders in a rural North Carolina school. Then imagine that, as part of an effort to observe Black History Month, your teacher instructs you and your classmates to discuss the "good" aspects of slavery -- even offering 10 extra points on the next test to the student offering the "best" answer. The sisters say they were humiliated and angered by the assignment. At one point during the brainstorming session, Proctor reportedly stepped out of the room, during which time a white classmate jokingly asked Timeca to "clean my shoe off. That led to a meeting between him; his daughers; Principal Bruce Johnson; and Proctor, who reportedly apologized to the girls and their father at the board official's insistence.

Both Christians and Muslims can answer this question from their holy scriptures, and both would find similar answers. The Bible, in the Old and New Testaments, permits slavery. God outlaws many things from having a tattoo to eating a pork sausage but he does not outlaw slavery. So, if you are a Christian or a Muslim and you rely on God for your moral values, you should conclude there is nothing wrong with slavery. But atheists have no god to rely on and must use evidence and reason to arrive at a conclusion. Holding slaves is about how we treat fellow human beings so, by definition, it is a moral question.

Though sadistic and macabre, the plain truth is that slavery was an unprecedented economic juggernaut whose impact is still lived by each of us daily. The massive infrastructure required to move 8 to 10 million Africans halfway around the world built entire cities in England and France, such as Liverpool, Manchester and Bordeaux.
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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Slavery can broadly be described as the ownership, buying and selling of human beings.

Part 1: Part 2: Part 4: Modern Voices Douglas Egerton on the "positive good" theory of slavery. Resource Bank Contents. Q: What were some events of the s and s that affected how white Americans viewed black slavery and freedom? A: The Missouri debates forced the South to explain and articulate reasons why slavery was a good thing, in part because of the growth of the cotton economy.




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