Writing a life story about someone

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writing a life story about someone

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Published 21.11.2018

How to Write a Book: 13 Steps From a Bestselling Author

The Best Way to Start Writing a Life Story? (or anything else, for that matter) Ask Yourself This…

Show less You may need to write a biography for a class or decide to write one as a personal project. Once you have identified the subject of the biography, do your research so you know as much about them as possible. Then, dive into the writing of the biography and revising it until it is at its best. Before you write a biography, gather as much information about the subject that you can from sources like newspaper articles, interviews, photos, existing biographies, and anything else you can find. Focus on major events and milestones in their life, including historical events, marriage, children, and events which would shape their path later in life. For tips from our reviewer on proofreading the biography and citing your sources, keep reading!

Famous Memoir Examples to Emulate

Memoirs can be very complex pieces of work. It takes a lot of skill and craft to be able to write down intimate details about your life for others to read and learn from. With your FREE training , we can help you understand HOW to start a book and self-publish it so the maximum number of people can enjoy it. Click here to save your spot. How many people can say they wrote a book detailing the most impactful moments of their lives?

If you graduated from high school despite struggling with dyslexia, you may have a powerful story about perseverance. If you became hugely successful in your career, perhaps your story is rooted in diligence with a dash of luck. While researching this idea in the course of writing the book Writing Your Legacy WD Books , Richard Campbell and co-author Cheryl Svensson focused on the concept of life themes, developed by the father of gerontology James E. Below, he breaks down each element and poses questions sure to prompt a personal response from writers. Writing your life story can be one of the most complex forms of storytelling.


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