People who are critical of others

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people who are critical of others

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Published 06.12.2018

Judging & Criticizing Others: How To Destroy Your Own Happiness

9 Signs That You’re An Overly Critical Person & How To Fix The Problem

Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. The generic answers seems to be "they're insecure", but aren't we all? Some people are very insecure, but choose not to point out the flaws in other people.

Have you been Criticized?

Imagine this. You are in a good mood today. However, she listens in disinterest as you gush away. Has this happened to you before? It has to me, and unfortunately, this behavior is quite typical of critical people.

Have you ever noticed how some people don't think twice before criticizing someone else? Or how their tolerance level for ideas that are different from their own is practically non-existent, making them argumentative and easily angered? Well, the truth is, there will always be differences between us, and since I, myself, do not wish to criticize others, I must preface this by saying that I'm sure those folks are simply unaware of the repercussions of their behavior, or I am certain they would not continue. Therefore, my goal is merely to point out that if, in fact, all is interconnected, meaning everything affects everything else, then perhaps we need to investigate why it's so important to consciously choose where we put our attention and how we spend our time. Are we finding fault and tearing down or lifting up and helping to heal? So let's examine three ways in which the act of criticism creates a destructive force of energy, reaching much further than we imagine

If you're like everybody else in the world, you probably hope to always be the best version of yourself. You most likely want to make the right decisions and feel confident doing so. However, with those aspirations sometimes come with a side order of self-criticism. Overly criticizing yourself can dramatically affect your self-confidence and cause you to think poorly of yourself and others around you. Being overly critical can manipulate your thoughts to be more cynical, which in the long run can prevent you from enjoying the things that once made you happy. Though we might not outwardly seem like a critical person, our inner thoughts and feelings may be telling a very different story. Hibbert , Psy.


  1. Vito W. says:

    If I were you i would have not felt bad for myself simply because the person who criticized you is the one who is in need of help.

  2. Pregpissampwork says:

    Low Self-Esteem is the Basis of Destructive Criticism

  3. Litekina says:

    Harsh critics are often talented, intelligent, and productive people.

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