If tomorrow comes by sidney sheldon summary

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if tomorrow comes by sidney sheldon summary

If Tomorrow Comes (Tracy Whitney, #1) by Sidney Sheldon

I didnt think I should write a review owing to the fact that more than 1000s of reviews were written as to how awesome this book is but I had to point out and pour my heart out about so many things that I couldnt resist myself.

In the present day context, where women are being treated better than in the past, we come across books with female protagonists being entirely SPINELESS, super weak and helpless.

But this book, written around 1985, was able to really highlight the fact that women are not effing dumb little birds. I am not trying to be a ranting feminist or anything but it really bothers me, how women are portrayed in books these days. They piss the shit out of me even. Thats why its surprises me how a book written by MAN in the 80s could make such a beautiful iron hearted woman when these days women writers still write their female characters in a weak vulnerable way.
I am not saying all women need be strong or anything like that. What I mean is it would be nice to have protagonists like this in a few popular books. (I am not talking about dysopia. Its the NA genre where I see the trend of doormats.)

Tracy is this women who is framed by mafia gang(who cause the death of her Mother) for a crime she hadnt done. She is then sent to jail and encounters the worst things any woman can ever encounter. The phrase Living hell aptly describes her life in prison. She is determined to avenge herself on those who took away her happy life. But all the events convert her into a con woman, rather a woman ROBIN HOOD. She steals from the people who are greedy and obtain their wealth through wrong means. I MEAN ISNT THAT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO READ THIS BOOK?

Every single con in this book is just enough to make u want to go do the gangnam style in your school canteen,while everyone watches you. It was So unpredictable, exciting and original! She is smart, snarky and BRAVE. She is a woman I want to be. I just fell in love with her more than I did with Jeff (but my love for Tracy comes with ADMIRATION so all of u can stop thinking what u are!)

This book was really long but I was so sad when it ended Sydney Sheldon just writes book so damn well that I dont care if it never ended! I would still go on reading and reading!
The story line was so well sequenced, I was so surprised that such a book could even exist. Everything made sense, I for one who takes a little more time than anyone else to understand the logic behind a con understood it with so much ease!

I wouldnt really recommend this book if you are a person who enjoys drama and romance in plots, this book hardly has any of those. But its definitely worth a try!

So this book on the whole
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Sidney Sheldon's if tomorrow comes (Tamil Tour)

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Sidney Sheldon

If Tomorrow Comes Book Summary and Study Guide

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of If Tomorrow Comes Whitney Tracey is like Cinderella except that she finds the wrong Prince who wrongfully leaves her in the dungeon until a more honorable and loving Robin Hood comes along and takes her to places after which they live happily ever after with the loot. Click here to see the rest of this review. That is how I would put Sidney Sheldon's plot of this story, except that I love the character Whitney Tracey because she is like every reasonably sensible woman who is ecstatic to be in love with one the most eligible bachelor , Charles Stanhope III, a banker who owns the bank and whose family name reeks with money. She carries her baby without him knowing until by some twist of rather smirking fate, she ends up in jail for murder. The innocent Tracey gets a call from her mother Dorothy who later kills herself.

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Thank you! The opening chapters are almost comic in their fast-food melodrama: pregnant Tracy, a Philadelphia bank-employee about to wed society scion Charles Stanhope III, hurries to hometown New Orleans after learning of her bankrupt mother's suicide; she confronts the mobster who ruined Mother, accidentally shooting him; but the Mob frames her for assault and robbery, landing Tracy in the Big House--where she miscarries after violent lesbian rape. Will Tracy have to serve 15 years? No, of course not: after saving the Warden's wee daughter from drowning, Tracy gets a pardon. So now she's free to take tricky revenge on the half-dozen creeps who framed her--in a series of unconvincing, quickie vignettes.

This is a high-octane, sexy thriller that keeps the reader on tip-toe throughout, trying to guess what the next plot twist will be. It is the story of an average American woman, Tracy Whitney, who sets out to avenge her mother's suicide resulting from the loss of her business to con men and criminals in New Orleans. Against seemingly impossible odds, Tracy outwits these career criminals and one by one leads them to their own destruction through clever con games of her own. Her anger sated by these acts of revenge, Tracy is drawn subtly into another world of criminality peopled by hustlers, flim-flam artists, burglars and assorted other human parasites. She finds that she has a real gift for this line of work, and soon becomes one of the most wanted female criminals in the world—a one-woman crime wave who never does physical violence to anyone but who lives by outsmarting those who would capture or co-opt her. Tracy's satisfaction in executing high-risk, high-reward schemes grows exponentially until it is the central driving force, or addiction, of her life. Her relationships with men are largely superficial one-nighters; it seems she is incapable of truly loving anyone but herself.


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    It is a story portraying an ordinary woman who is framed by the Mafia , her subsequent quest for vengeance towards them and her later life as a con artist.

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    If Tomorrow Comes is a crime fiction novel by American author Sidney Sheldon. Plot[edit]. Tracy is a successful bank-worker in Philadelphia, engaged to a wealthy heir, whose child she is carrying. Then her mother commits suicide.

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