Poem on indian soldiers in english

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poem on indian soldiers in english

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‘An Ode to the Indian Soldiers’ and Other Poetry by Sathya Narayana

Salute to the Indian Soldier, who can't break their order, why their favorite color is blood? Salute to the Indian Soldier Salute to the Indian Soldier, who can't break their order, because of them we're alive, as honey is safe behind the hive, Salute to the Indian Soldier, who can't break their order, why they don't have respect? Good tribute. Report Reply. Thanks Rajnish Manga Ji VD Report Reply.

Veer Dhiman

Abstract Drama. For us they are on border,. Quotes New. Dear user,. Salute To The Indian Soldiers. Copy link. Cover design.

Exhibition on view from Sept. There is a popular misconception that Anglo-Indian a term used for people of British origin living in India poetry began with Rudyard Kipling and his works written in the late nineteenth century. But poetical works written in and about India are as old as Britain's history with India. The British presence was established in the Indian subcontinent by the early eighteenth century. The East India Company was dominant in the Bengal region by the s and in the majority of India by the early nineteenth century, followed by the formation of the British Raj in the s.

Poem on Indian Soldiers. Our Soldiers are the protector of our country. A salute to "The Indian Army", who can't break their orders, for the sake of our country, whole day and night. These Poem on Indian Soldiers depicts the feeling of Soldiers who knows that he will not be able to survive but he still fights until his last breath. Our soldiers are the real hero, for considering this, I dedicated a short poem to our Indian Soldiers for their extraordinary efforts on the field. We are the future, Who have to take Birth. We are the Super Heroes, Who are always ready to play our roles, For the sake of our country.


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