What is the walrus and the carpenter about

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what is the walrus and the carpenter about

The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll

For the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament, The Annotated Alice (6) versus 1984 (22)

- Thank you for responding so quickly, Mr... Walrus, was it?

- Call me Wally. And this is Carpy.

- Pleased to meet you... Wally. Now...

- Say, wheres the OBrien geezer? The one what talked to umpty?

- Mr OBrien is no longer with us. He had to be, um, liquidated.

- Appens, dunnit? Well, what can we do for you?

- We have a problem with Wonderland spies. Theyre infiltrating our organization. Getting into the chess-sets, everywhere. Weve tried to tighten up security, but it seems to be technically very difficult to define a bourgeois move. So, we thought, youre Wonderland characters, you know a bit about, um, final solutions...

- Were Looking-Glass.

- Oh, Im sorry, my mistake. Im afraid you all look the same to me. So what I was about to propose...

- Yeah, we get it. Could be up our alley, know what I mean? But we cant talk ere. Not secure.

- I can assure you...

- Look, you was the one what said it. Everywhere. Well be appy to talk somewhere else. Say, down the beach.

- I suppose...

- And we need buy-in from the rest of yer organization. We want the whole gang there.

- Im afraid...

- Look, you want our elp or not?

- Oh, alright. You do come very highly recommended. I can arrange it.

- Lets get movin. Tell the other geezers to tag along.

- Yes, but...


- Okay, I fink were far enough out. Now tell me again what you wanted?

- Well, basically, genocide. To put it bluntly.

- Sounds good to me. You appy too, Wally?

- Yeah, no problem. Lets start wiv im. I dont like is tone.

- WHAT?!

- Were gonna eat the lot of yer. Whadyer fink we was gonna do?


- You ear that, Carpy? e said God.

- Tsk.

- Almost seems unfair, dunnit? Too easy like. I feel sorry for em.

- Ah, shuddup and pass the butter.
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The Walrus and The Carpenter

The Wisdom In Carroll’s Nonsensical Poem, The Walrus And The Carpenter

The verse is recited to Alice by Tweedledee, one of "two fat little men," Tweedledee and Tweedledum, whom Alice encounters as she is seeking the way out of the forest of confusion through which she has been wandering. Inside Through the Looking Glass , "The Walrus and the Carpenter" reflects the world that Alice has entered when she went through the looking glass to the other side of it, where everything is perversely inverted, accounting for what seems to be the nonsense of the verse. Additionally, the poem functions, like the other famous set of verses in Through the Looking Glass , "The Jabberwocky," the way a cadenza does in a concerto, to show off the composer's technical virtuosity and mastery of form for the delight of the listeners or, in this case, the readers. Extricated from its context and considered as a freestanding work, "The Walrus and the Carpenter" is a bizarre animal fable seemingly devised by topsy-turvy Aesop, offering a moral warning against following seductive strangers. Beyond that, however, it is suggestive of something that is being expressed symbolically.

The poem is recited in chapter four , by Tweedledum and Tweedledee to Alice. The poem is composed of 18 stanzas and contains lines, in an alternation of iambic trimeters and iambic tetrameters. The rhyming and rhythmical scheme used, as well as some archaisms and syntactical turns, are those of the traditional English ballad. The Walrus and the Carpenter are the eponymous characters in the poem, which is recited by Tweedledum and Tweedledee to Alice. Walking upon a beach one night when both sun and moon are visible, the Walrus and Carpenter come upon an offshore bed of oysters. Groups of four are called up; the exact number is unknown. To the disapproval of the eldest oyster, many more follow them.

They thanked him much for that. And you are very nice! Shall we be trotting home again? One, two! Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home.

Children stories often carry a moral message.
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The Walrus and the Carpenter

The Walrus, the Carpenter and the oysters, colorized version of an illustration by John Tenniel. It was first published in as part of Carroll's children's novel Through the Looking-Glass , in which the brothers Tweedledum and Tweedledee recite it to the girl Alice. The poem describes how the Walrus and the Carpenter feast on a vast quantity of oysters, after having persuaded the oysters to accompany them on a walk. Many interpretations have been put forward as to the symbolism of the poem. The fact that one of the characters is a carpenter is often taken to be a Biblical reference. However, Lewis Carroll himself was indifferent as to whether the walrus was accompanied by a carpenter, a butterfly or a baronet, telling the illustrator John Tenniel that he could draw whichever of those three he chose since the meter of the poem would remain the same.


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