Pig dressed as harry potter

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pig dressed as harry potter

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Harry Potter Theme Song Rubber Pig Cover

These guinea pigs dress like Harry Potter and Abe Lincoln

By Sophia Rosenbaum. Fuzzberta and MiniGuineaPig, two guinea pigs from California, have become social media stars thanks to their cute cosplays. Monico Wu was just photographing her beloved pets for fun, but started stepping up her game when she realized Fuzzberta would do just about anything for some carrots, according to Caters News Agency. Read Next. My encounter with the reclusive Harper Lee. This story has been shared , times. This story has been shared 84, times.

Pigwidgeon (fl. - ), also known as Pig, was Ron Weasley's first pet owl. Pig was responsible for the handling of Ron's mail starting in , he was a gift from Sirius Black after the loss of Ron's pet rat. After Scabbers, Ron's old pet rat, disappeared (having been found.
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A pig dressed just like a wizard in 'Harry Potter'

Pigs are my favorite animals, and it appears that J. Rowling may have an affinity for them as well. In the Muggle world, pigs are often given a bad reputation as being unclean or even sinful and taboo in some religions. Apparently, in the wizarding world, pigs have a stigma as well, although for a different reason. In her writings about pure-bloods on Pottermore , J. The fact that pigs are considered non-magical makes it particularly ironic that Hogwarts, a school for studying magic, and Hogsmeade, the only all-wizarding town in Britain, would be named after pigs. This may be a humbling reminder for wizards that, even in the seat of their power, there are some places and creatures that magic cannot reach.

These gorgeous guinea pigs have gained online fame - thanks to hilarious costumes. The furry creatures, both girls - MGP who is 4 and Fuzzberta is two and a half - have also appeared as cowgirls, Pokemon, a shark, a chef and even a Star Wars Ewok. Their owner, Monica Wu, says she started simply snapping pictures of Fuzzberta with her phone, and the idea escalated. Monica adopted Fuzzberta when MGP's former friend passed away. Fuzzberta's owners had put her in shows, but gave her up when they decided to show ducks instead.


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    These guinea pigs dress like Harry Potter and Abe Lincoln

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