I hate being bipolar its awesome

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i hate being bipolar its awesome

I hate being Bipolar, Its awesome! : An actionable guide to living with Bipolar Disorder for Patients and Families by Marina Arantes

I hate being Bipolar, Its awesome!

An actionable guide to living with Bipolar Disorder for Patients and Families

Do you go through intense moods?
Are you or your loved one struggling with Bipolar disorder?
Do you want to understand, alleviate the emotional roller-coaster and get back to a balanced life?
If you answered yes, this book is for you!
You’re about to discover strategies on how to manage Bipolar Disorder and get your life back on track.
Millions of people suffer from Bipolar Disorder and throw away their lives and their future because they don’t know how to deal with this condition. Dont let this happen to you!
In this complete book, we offer you straight talk, true stories, and proven strategies that can help you achieve greater balance and free yourself from out-of-control moods.
We racked our brains to include and describe every single aspect we could think about on how it is to live with Bipolar disorder or with someone who has the disorder. We put our Bipolar minds together and brainstormed every little thing we think you need to know about bipolar disorder and how we personally manage to live with Bipolar disorder and have a normal life.
This book is more than a repair manual for the bipolar brain. Sure, we discuss diagnoses and treatments, available medications and therapies, and the lifestyle changes that can help you cope. But we also go beyond that to reveal some of the causes and consequences of bipolar disorder, let you in on some crisis-survival strategies, and describe ways that friends and family members can support loved ones who have bipolar disorder.
Have no fear : wellness is attainable if it isn’t already at your doorstep. Follow a few simple, but not always easy, tips and tricks and you will find yourself on your way. Nothing can cure bipolar disorder, but we do believe the more you practice and improve yourself, the greater the chance you will spend less time in mania or depression. In the end of this book , you will have many new tips on how to fine tune your illness or how to help the ones you love who lives daily with it.
We are not doctors, but we are experts in living and dealing with Bipolar disorder. It is our wish that something inside this book will assist you in leading a more balanced and enjoyable life. Some of the information is very basic and some concepts are more complex, but we made them as simple as possible for you to understand to make sure you get the core knowledge we really want to share with you. We sincerely hope you find our book and experiences useful and that you are able to integrate them into your lives as well.
So, why should you read this book?
• Youll find the answer to all the questions you have about Bipolar Disorder
• You’ll find alternative ways to fight the extreme mood swings
• And you’ll finish the book with a fresh perspective!
• Learn more about your Mental Health
This is the first self-help book available specifically for individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder or for anyone living and dealing with someone who has this condition!
So what are you waiting for?
Take action to help yourself or your loved one suffering from Bipolar disorder and get this book now!

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Published 05.12.2018

Kanye West on Being Bipolar

When asked by BigBoy on the name of his album, Kanye replied :. Just more of a reflection of who we are- beings.
Marina Arantes

Kanye raps about having biopolar and discusses murder and suicide on new album

I've been diagnosed as having Bipolar II Disorder. For over a year the diagnosis had been Major Depressive Disorder. And although I spent hours, days, weeks, even months huddled under the covers wishing for a quick, tidy end to the pain, preferably one which didn't require hours of in-depth analysis into my cracked psyche, there were moments when a thought would make me throw the blankets off. The thought could be minor, like the sudden desire to make cupcakes for my kids. Or it could be extravagant and expensive like the remodeling of an entire bathroom. Suddenly, the sad woman who struggled for a simple breath of air; that person over there with her head on the table at the food court because it was too heavy to hold up even in a public place; the chest pain, a vice tightening more and more until tears and screams begged it to release its grip; that same woman who could sleep for 19 hours a day, could now function on four. She now bounds out of bed to orchestrate the necessary lists, supplies, and venue in which to throw her daughter the most perfect birthday party.

When asked by BigBoy on the name of his album, Kanye replied :. Just more of a reflection of who we are- beings. With only 7 tracks, calling it an album would be a little generous. You get Kanye at his rawest artistic form on this minute project, leaving no reservations rapping about his depression, opioid addiction or suicidal thoughts. He openly discusses being Bi-Polar on this album and is sort of a focal point, to understanding Kanye as an artist and individual. Anytime Ty Dolla Sign and Kanye collaborate, there is some really good content coming out. This also referenced the backlash that followed the TMZ interview, where the lyrics reveal Kanye told his wife Kim Kardashian West to leave him.

Thursday night, Kanye West gave the world a taste of his new album, ye. In typical Kanye fashion , it was a spectacle, with music journalists and media figures being flown to Wyoming via private jet to hear the album before its release, and new music apps being pushed on the general public for streaming purposes. The live stream, which was largely dedicated to camp fires and grazing horses, kicked off late, but nobody seemed to mind in the end. We were just ready for the music. Once Kanye finally arrived at the Wyoming listening site, the session began. Not bad, Ye. Not bad at all, Ye.

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I hate being bipolar (It's awesome)

Following controversy surrounding his sociopolitical views, West re-wrote and recorded all the work on the album, completing it over the course of just two weeks at a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ye is the second of five seven-track albums produced by West in what have been referred to as the "Wyoming Sessions", [5] [6] and set to be released weekly following the release of Pusha T 's Daytona. The album was supported by the lead single " Yikes ". Ye received generally positive reviews from music critics and became West's record-equalling eighth consecutive album to debut at number-one on the US Billboard Upon its release, every song on the album managed to enter the top forty on the Billboard Hot , with "Yikes" reaching number 8. On February 24, , West tweeted that his upcoming new album, titled Turbo Grafx 16 , would be released during the summer, naming it after the video game console of the same name.



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