My friend betrayed my trust

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my friend betrayed my trust

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Published 05.12.2018

My Best Friend Betrayed Me

What To Do When a Friend Betrays You

Last month two longtime friends broke trust. One offered to do something vital for me, didn't, and didn't tell me. Another shared very private information about me with a stranger. I don't know which felt worse. Recall that hot flush of recognition when you first realized that someone you knew very well would act one way and didn't? What to do?

2. Voice the unspoken

A friend's betrayal can break your heart more than love. Betrayal brings up a lot of emotions for me. When I put my trust in someone, I expect them to honor that trust. When I can call someone a friend, then I know my secrets are safe with them. I feel hurt that someone I thought cared about me could turn around and stab me in the back.

Friendship is supposed to be one of the things that make life worth living, but what happens when your friends betray you? Betrayal is never pleasant, but it always seems to hurt just a little bit more when it comes from a person who you were once close to. She slept with your boyfriend. Should this happen, shut them both out of your life, and never allow either of them near you again. Those two Benedict Arnolds deserve one another, and you deserve better. She sabotaged you from achieving your dreams.


  1. Gina F. says:

    There are books galore about handling infidelity in a marriage.

  2. Ogier D. says:

    1. Find perspective

  3. Parnella B. says:

    Good morning prayer message to a friend download arise by paul baloche

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