Interesting facts on harry potter

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interesting facts on harry potter

101 Amazing Harry Potter Facts by Jack Goldstein

Through JK Rowlings series of Harry Potter books and the eight films, we have been introduced to a fantastic and magical world that Im sure many of us would like to visit. But what is the story behind what we see and read, and what are some little-known facts about the books, the films, the actors and the characters? This book contains 101 amazing facts which you most likely didnt know!
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Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed

Harry and Draco were totally a thing.
Jack Goldstein

20 'Harry Potter' Facts Even the Biggest Potterheads Don’t Know

If you thought knowing about Dumbedore's scar in the shape of London Underground was good geek knowledge, cast your eye over these fun facts. Think you know everything there is to know about JK Rowling's boy wizard? See how many of our 20 nerdy Harry Potter facts were already lodged in your brain. Because James' is a stag and Lily's is a doe they are a perfect fit together. Because Professor Snape was in love with Lily, his patronus transformed into a doe when she died. Rowling has said that if Voldemort saw a boggart it would embody his own corpse , since death was always his greatest fear.

With an eye toward a new generation of readers, U. Got a first edition? Each book hit No. Her real name is Joanne Rowling and she goes by Jo. The British author went from struggling single mother to exceedingly rich and famous megastar though one notoriously private about her fortune : In , James B. Rowling has said that Hermione Granger, know-it-all and indispensable friend to Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, was inspired by Jo when she was a girl.

The Harry Potter universe is one of the most extensive fictional worlds ever created.
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50 Harry Potter Facts YOU DIDN'T KNOW - The Geeky Informant

The first Harry Potter book took the world by storm when it was released almost 20 years ago. Just when you thought that this cash cow has been milked dry with all the movies, merchandise and theme parks, J. Rowling decides to bring this lucrative franchise back into business with a new script book that was published at the end of last month. It has been a while since the end of the last book, and to refresh our memories for the latest script book, we have prepared fun facts for you to re live the magical world and characters that J. K Rowling has spun, and continues to spin with this boy wizard….

It was added when her publisher suggested that she not use her real name Joanne Rowling for the books. The original Harry Potter manuscript was turned down by 12 publishers before Bloomsbury finally accepted it. The chair that J. It had been signed and decorated by the author. Rowling said she chose it because Dumbledore loved music and she imagined the wizard to be often found humming to himself.

Some things never change. Here are 20 things that even some of the most hardcore Potterheads might not have known. During the scenes when Harry, Hermione, and Ron are seen doing work in class, Daniel, Emma, and Rupert were actually doing their real schoolwork or homework. Talk about method acting. When casting for the first film, the first actor brought on board was Robbie Coltrane, who portrayed Rubeus Hagrid. The first film gives us the twelfth use of dragon blood: an oven cleaner.


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