Kill weeds in concrete cracks

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kill weeds in concrete cracks

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Published 05.12.2018

Cheap organic way to kill weeds in cincrete cracks

Solutions for Grass Growing in Pavement Cracks

Are your sidewalks plagued by weeds? They pop up in every crack and between every gap, not discouraged in the least by the concrete that covers them. Trying to kill them seems futile—digging them up by hand is impossible because of the asphalt in the way, and chopping the tops off will not kill the roots below. Spraying for weeds seems like a better idea, but harsh chemicals can be dangerous. However, there is a safe way to effectively kill sidewalk weeds in three easy steps.

Homemade Vinegar Herbicide

Vinegar, Salt, Dish Soap, Weed Killer

Weeds growing in the seams and cracks of a sidewalk, driveway, or patio can be annoying and unsightly and can be considerably more difficult to remove than weeds in a garden or flower bed. Ideally, you want to remove the entire weed including the roots, but this can be quite hard when weeds have squeezed into minute cracks in the paving surface. Fortunately, there are ways to rid yourself of this eyesore, including some environmentally friendly methods. Your method of choice will depend on a number of factors. For example, you may be able to extract individual weeds by hand if you have just a few, but this method isn't practical for a sidewalk full of weeds. All of these non-chemical methods, however, are environmentally friendly if handled properly.

Sidewalk cracks are generally narrow, but some allow just enough space for persistent grass or weeds to grow. Removal of the intrusive grass keeps the sidewalk looking clean and improves your landscape's appearance. Grass-control options include manual removal, chemicals and organic methods that reduce damage to surrounding plants. Starting with less-harmful methods allows you to remove the grass with the smallest impact on the environment, but stubborn grass growth may require a stronger approach. Spray vinegar onto newly sprouted grass blades in the sidewalk cracks. The acetic acid in the vinegar helps kill the new plants.


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