Summary of johnny tremain by esther forbes

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summary of johnny tremain by esther forbes

Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

Probably the greatest book ever written, by both man and child, woman and other writing entity, Johnny Tremain tells the story of a young genius who becomes a silversmith and burns the crappin hell out of his hand. Hes always embarrassed by his sort of melty hand and keeps it in his pockets or in his mothers pies and pie type dishes. One day he meets a girl named Cilla, Priscilla for long, who loves him despite for his sick melt-hand. Paul Bunyan or John Tubbers or whichever is the name of that early revolutionary explorer comes along riding on his horse one day, screaming about lobsters in coats and what not, alerting the town. Johnny Tremain sees the opportunity to finally use the sick curse God put on him by melting his hand to scare and/or kill the lobster coats. At this point Cilla is ridiculously in love with him and they kiss and he promises to make America into something great where even one-handed, pony-tailed daintys like himself can work for a local paper or some other mid-level position at some kind of printing house. Cilla does everything in her power not to totally melt from her obsessive love for Johnny, not unlike the way his hand melted in the beginning of the story to foreshadow this supreme moment with Priscilla, Cilla. After a long, juvenile make out session Johnny goes after the red lobster people waving his sickly paw around yelling something about a tea party or a cherry tree until the lobster guys are so mind crapped that they shoot themselves to death. Always being an opportunist, John Tubbers, or Wally Revere or whoever his name was then came along and took credit for killing everyone and even said he invented tea and teeth and apples and that Cilla was his wife and all other sorts of new America type bulltit lies, most of which none of the towns people believed. Anyhow, long story short, Johnny got his job back at the paper and married Cilla cause she was pregnant or something which was not totally unusual at this time for a fourteen year old girl. The book pretty much stops there except for a short epilogue about that crazy horse riding Paulie Reverendton, talking about how he ended up in some famous magazine cause some of his lying had paid off. Then he became the president for a while until he was assisinated by Johnny Tremain. An almost forgotten part of the book. In any case the book sprays out an unweilding amount of boy drama and hot girl sort of descriptions about the towns folk to the point that any nine to nineteen year old would easily form a wicked boy crush on both Johnny, Tubbers and Cilla, the latter being a girl-crush. Read it. You wont be dissapointed.

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Johnny Tremain - Book Review

A short summary of Esther Forbes's Johnny Tremain. This free Fourteen-year- old Johnny Tremain is the gifted apprentice of Ephraim Lapham, a silversmith in.
Esther Forbes

Johnny Tremain Summary

The story begins in Boston in He works for Mr. Lapham , an aging silversmith, and lives in his house with Mrs. Johnny is hard-working and good-natured, so he is well-liked by almost everyone and is a leader in the household. Dove , an older apprentice, resents him for this and the two boys often fight. At the beginning of the novel, the pious Mr. Lapham urges Johnny to read a Bible verse about the dangers of pride.

Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain is the gifted apprentice of Ephraim Lapham, a silversmith in Revolutionary-era Boston. The pious and elderly Mr. Lapham is more interested in preparing his own soul for death than in running his silver shop, so Johnny is the chief breadwinner of the family. Lapham is determined to have Johnny marry her daughter Cilla. Although Mr. Lapham hesitates to take on such a difficult project, but the rash Johnny accepts the job on behalf of his master. That night, Johnny reveals his family secret to Cilla.

Johnny Tremain is a work of historical fiction written in by Esther Forbes that is set in Boston prior to and during the outbreak of the American Revolution. Intended for teen-aged readers, the novel's themes include apprenticeship , courtship , sacrifice, human rights , and the growing tension between Patriots and Loyalists as conflict nears.
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Plot Overview

The book is famous for its depiction of the beginning of the Revolutionary War in America through the eyes of a fictional teenager. Bereft, he takes a job as a newspaper boy at a popular Whig newspaper. While there he becomes a surprising participant in the brewing war and eventually a Whig spy. Johnny is not able to go to war because of his injured hand and he is devastated by the loss of his best friend, Rab who dies in the first battle of the war. Johnny soon discovers that his hand can be easily fixed with an operation and looks out on his country with pride as he realizes that he can now fight for it.


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