Things i don t know about myself

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things i don t know about myself

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Published 23.11.2018

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The One Thing You Likely Don’t Know About Yourself

Just peer inside and read: who you are, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and fears; they are all there, ready to be understood. This notion is popular but is probably completely false! Psychological research shows that we do not have privileged access to who we are. When we try to assess ourselves accurately, we are really poking around in a fog. As a result, our self-image has surprisingly little to do with our actions. For example, we may be absolutely convinced that we are empathetic and generous but still walk right past a homeless person on a cold day.

It's been a recurring theme in my life: Every time I'm offered an opportunity that stretches me beyond my comfort zone, an incessant mental chatter pulls the excitement out from under my feet:. A running reel of images plays on my mental Jumbotron. It seems that the sole purpose of my power of imagination is to terrorize myself. Perhaps you've heard that voice too. The one reminding you that you're somehow not enough.

So, without further ado, here they are in no particular order. Sending a quick email before I caught a flight remember, I deliver a lot of keynote speeches for healthcare organizations about an important upcoming meeting that only said:. Yup, true story. So, to make up for it, three days ago on Halloween , I wore not one, but two Halloween costumes! Super random fact: I love doing laundry. I hug people and smile A LOT. The fact that I actually stayed the course and finished writing two books is something that has filled me with so much peace and happiness.

24 Things You Didn’t Know About Yourself

A things I figured about myself. One fine day I was blog-strolling and read this post: 55 things about me. And was instantly charged to make my own. After rambling on for few weeks I came up with this short list. It is far from complete, but sketches me pretty well.


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    1. Your perspective on yourself is distorted. Your “self” lies before you like an open book. Just peer inside and read: who you are, your likes and.

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    From Genius to Madness

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    You're half a banana, a walking bomb, and you're dusting yourself off. Here are the 25 things you didn't know about yourself that you probably were not aware.

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