Peace like a river analysis

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peace like a river analysis

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger

Once in a great while, we encounter a novel in our voluminous reading that begs to be read aloud. Leif Engers debut, Peace Like a River, is one such work. His richly evocative novel, narrated by an asthmatic 11-year-old named Reuben Land, is the story of Reubens unusual family and their journey across the frozen Badlands of the Dakotas in search of his fugitive older brother. Charged with the murder of two locals who terrorized their family, Davy has fled, understanding that the scales of justice will not weigh in his favor. But Reuben, his father, Jeremiah—a man of faith so deep he has been known to produce miracles—and Reubens little sister, Swede, follow closely behind the fleeing Davy.

Affecting and dynamic, Peace Like a River is at once a tragedy, a romance, and an unflagging exploration into the spirituality and magic possible in the everyday world, and in that of the world awaiting us on the other side of life. In Engers superb debut effort, we witness a wondrous celebration of family, faith, and spirit, the likes of which we havent seen in a long, long time—and the birth of a classic work of literature.
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Peace Like a River Summary & Study Guide

Open Table 0 comments. As part of the preparation for writing this review of Peace Like A River, the bestselling novel by Leif Enger published by Grove Press, I checked the information page in the front and was shocked to see a publication date of One thing that I do know for certain about this book is Peace Like A River has become a classic tale to me, and I draw on its wisdom, humor and life-lessons frequently. Peace Like A River is a stirring novel about a single father, his three children and their struggle to remain together in the face of a family catastrophe. The story centers on the Land family: the father, Jeremiah, and his sons, Davey and Reuben, and daughter, Swede. Reuben, who has asthma, is the main character in Peace Like A River , but Jeremiah also figures prominently. Jeremiah is a quiet, gentle, even passive man, who is a devout Christian.

Peace Like a River begins with a miracle. Helen Land gives birth to a son, Reuben, but instead of the typical, healthy shrieks of newborn fear, his lungs did not cooperate with the rest of his anatomy. A little clay boy is what I was. Just fourteen pages later Jeremiah paced again — this time on the bed of a grain truck — and prayed again. Intercession is kind of a big deal for this guy. He was immersed in his petitions, visibly troubled, lips moving, clenched fists pressed to his closed eyes. Because I should have; it matters here.

Peace Like a River is a best-selling novel by Leif Enger , who took the title from the lyrics of the hymn " It Is Well with My Soul ", which was performed at his wedding.
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Reuben , the narrator, spends his first twelve minutes of life not breathing, and he nearly dies. When his father Jeremiah Land picks up baby Reuben and commands him to breathe in the name of God, Reuben begins to breathe. Reuben says that this was his father's first miracle, and that he believes he was put on the earth to bear witness to his father's miracles. Reuben is 11 years old and hunting with his family in North Dakota. Dad and Davy , Reuben's older brother, aren't speaking to each other. Out in the field, they spot a lone goose flying, and Davy lets Reuben take the shot.

Peace Like a River is the story of a man touched by God, Jeremiah Land and the way divine providence plays itself out in the trials of Jeremiah and his family. However, when Jeremiah miraculously survived being swept up by a tornado and decided to quit medical school and become a janitor, she left him. Thus, the children grow up with Jeremiah raising them all alone. Jeremiah is an extremely religious Christian and appears to be in regular contact with God Himself. When Reuben, the narrator and main character, sees his father praying one night, vigorously, he sees Jeremiah walk on air without even realizing it.


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