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???? [Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu] by ?? ?? (2 star ratings)

Attention Girls! Is loving another worth it? As our play unfolds at Saint Theresa Girls Academy, this anthology is filled to the brim with young womens passion. She-wolf, Natsuki, and the transfer student, Fuyukas, slapstick days are portrayed in She-Wolf, Haruka who loves grabbing other girls chests, and the best friend who is interested in her, Akiho, star in Expressions of Love, Reiko and Ayano, two teachers who find adult love in First Kiss and more, these stories are full of breast-grabbing, kinda sexy fun! Three female couples stories interweave in this Girl s Love Comic collection!

Aijou¦Hyougen (??¦??, Expressions of Love)
Haruka is one of the stars at St. Teresas school for girls; tall, beautiful, accomplished, friendly - she also has an unpleasant habit of molesting girls by grabbing their breasts. Particularly those of Akiho, a girl who is not one of Harukas many fans at school.

Onna Ookami (???????, She-wolf)
New transfer student Fuyuka is very excited to be starting a new life at an all-girls school. Her anticipation soon turns to terror as she becomes the target of extreme stalker/molester behavior at the hands of one of the schools stars, Natsuki.

First Kiss
A story of the school counsellor, Reiko, and Ayano, her childhood friend whos also a teacher at school.

Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan (??????????, Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back)
Fuyuka has accepted Natsukis love, however Natsuki is still retaining some distance. Talking things over with Akiho, Fuyuka manages to clarify the nature of her and Natsukis relationship.

Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall)
Included is a conclusion of two student couples romance. Will a day out to the beach ends happily for Akiho, Haruka, Natsuki and Fuyuka?

Kanojo (??, Her) [art & story: ZAOU Taishi]
Two girls, Inoue Chiharu & Aida Miho, are plotting on seducing each other, each convinced they are the strange one for desiring the other girl.
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02 Lift Up Feat. Lafa Taylor - Def Tech [????]

Four Seasons of Koi Breeders. We aim for healthy, big and beautiful Nishikigoi.
?? ??

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"Catch the Wave"

If someday we meet again, please don't forget all the things we had The Spring when we went to buy a table at the furniture store The first Summer when we watched fireworks together, sweating and not wanting to go back The sad Autumn when we took a walk, I hugged your shoulder as the wind blew past The Winter when we made our vow, your hand was in mine, we weren't afraid of anything Maybe we still can talk and laugh with each other about those carefree days Again, I'm recalling the day I first found you at that sea Spring comes, Summer comes, Autumn and Winter, the cycle keeps revolving Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, even though I promised you The lyric, kanji and romaji, color-coded, can be found here. And now, some randomness. - Although he was born in wholesaler family, he was attracted by pottery wheel, then he dropped out from Ritsumeikan Commercial School within 2 years, where he entered after he was separated from his father at age He ended up studying under Souma Ishiguro who would become the Living National Treasure of Iron-glaze ceramics in his late age, but he gave up the training in a few months due to the social situation under the war.

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Hey guys! We really enjoyed the dance break version of Mic Drop and we decided to combine only the dance breaks for this short cover, which we hope you will all enjoy! Watch our new video that fits the summer season! We will do our best! Eunoia, the name itself means "Beautiful Thinking" and the reason for their achievement is, because of their true passion for dancing. This is our very first event with live performance - so make sure you and your friends wont miss it! Eunoia Dance Crew.

I wrote an article last year about my love for professional wrestling , especially Japanese wrestling. For special events, some of the tables are removed and more chairs are brought in allowing for around 30 people in total. The main screen behind the bar. The rest of the bar is strewn with wrestling memorabilia, wrestling belts, standees, and posters for historic and upcoming events. The owner Koji has spent many years adding unique pieces to his bar, creating a one of a kind space. Even the entrance to the bar is sectioned off with guard rails just like a real wrestling event. Aside from just being a bar, Count 2.


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