Psych k list of beliefs

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psych k list of beliefs

To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence by Lisa Kohn

The best seats Lisa Kohn ever had at Madison Square Garden were at her mother’s wedding, and the best cocaine she ever had was from her father’s friend, the judge.

Lisa was raised as a “Moonie”—a member of the Unification Church, founded by self-appointed Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. As a child, she knew the ecstatic comfort of inclusion in a cult and as a teenager the torment of rebelling against it. As an adult, Lisa struggled to break free from the hold of abuse—battling her own addictions and inner-demons and searching her soul for a sense of self-worth. Told with spirited candor, TO THE MOON AND BACK reveals how one can leave behind such absurdity and horror and create a life of intention and joy. This is the fascinating tale of a story rarely told in its full complexity.
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PSYCH K changing your beliefs

PSYCH-K Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve! Learn to rewrite the software of your subconscious mind and change your life! From Bruce Lipton: "I teach with Rob Williams the originator of PSYCH-K.
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Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation. Our lives run on autopilot; we automatically repeat the same habitual patterns every day. From health to phobias, from relationships to career or athletic performance, our lives are running on outdated beliefs. As a result of past negative programming, we often think and behave in self-defeating ways. The promise of real and long-lasting change falls short of the expectation, leaving people in despair.

PSYCH-K and LevelUP can transform our beliefs (and therefore our perceptions and experiences) in almost ANY area we choose. Here are some places where.
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To be more specific, I have noticed that many people seem to have forgotten their true identity as spiritual beings having a human experience. When your subconscious beliefs are aligned with this fundamental truth, you will be freed from a kind of prison of limiting beliefs. These beliefs can limit who you are, as well as who you want to be. My personal life experience, as well as 14 years as a psychotherapist, taught me that the source of nearly all suffering, no matter whether it is mental, physical, or emotional, comes from the basic illusion of separation from our true Spiritual Nature. These limiting subconscious beliefs affect all aspects of your life including; your relationships, self-esteem, financial prosperity, career choices, even your health and fitness. We are in the process of a monumental shift in human consciousness, of which we are all playing a part, consciously and subconsciously. The bad news is that the problems we face are formidable.

My purpose in providing them is to interest you, the reader, and hope that you will obtain and read the complete work and take the Workshop. To properly understand the highlights, you need to take the Workshop and read the guide to put them in the proper context. A Philosophy For Success. Keep Your Beliefs Positive. Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts.


  1. Rosemecun1978 says:

    Every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional, is being profoundly affected.

  2. Anayram says:

    idea we all have limiting beliefs running in the background of our lives. .. If you take a look again at the beliefs shown in the introductory list you will see the.

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