Inspirational letters to high school graduates

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inspirational letters to high school graduates

Graduation Quotes (60 quotes)

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Published 05.12.2018

12 best graduation quotes

I write as your bishop, a fellow Christian, and a friend, albeit a much older one. First, congratulations on your graduation from high school.

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You are nearing the end; you have finally made it through the four years you never thought would end. You made it through the dress codes, the late night cramming, the endless extra-curriculars and so much more that made your high school experience unique. You persevered through the classes where you learned material you knew you would never use again, as well as the early morning classes you never wanted to wake up for. You made it through the drama you thought for sure ruined your life as well as the heartbreak that made you not want to walk the halls again. These moments are almost gone and in the past, and I am certain you are so excited to leave the place where everyone knows who you are. As the days become numbered, you look forward to independence and a college where you can start all over. You have passed your last Friday night football game.

Someone will hate you for your passion; question them. The rest will ignore you and your passion; when the time is right, change their world. Kirk Zurell, Waterloo, Ont. You have also been given a situation where all can be lost without your hard work and care. Remember that each individual can have an effect on the.


We've updated the Topics page of our website to better organize and share our expert content. Read more about it here., One item on my bucket list is to deliver a commencement address.

The life of a college student is a special time where one gets to acquire all the knowledge of the world we live in. Many of us enter a university as a shy individual afraid of the shortcomings that await us. While life is a bundle of joy and sadness, certain magnificent people have caught these precious academic moments and frozen them into powerful phrases that have lasted through time. These quotes have recently been given the tag — Graduation Quotes. They are aptly named as they give confidence to students and can provide us with the thought process that will forever remain in our minds. We all need that extra push when our aspirations have run out of gas.

It is a surreal moment for me, both as a parent and as a man. In watching you over these last 18 years, I have seen clearly that you have accomplished so much: as a young man, as an actor and as a human being. Your efforts and grades reflect your unwavering dedication to achievement, and your wanting the best out of life. You have internalized and demonstrated critical lessons in discipline, planning, focus and tenacity. You are on your way. I watched you go to school this morning — your last day as a high school student — and my mind was flooded with memories. As you grew, our time together remained as fun and playful as always, yet it shifted slightly — transitioning into working with you on your homework, discussing your thoughts on a book you or I were reading, acting with you on stage … and then watching you perform from the audience.


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