K circle of friends lyrics

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k circle of friends lyrics

Toxic Friends Quotes (23 quotes)

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Published 04.12.2018

[Karaoke Thaisub] K Stage Play - Circle Of Friends

I love this song so much. Mostly, i love the english verion of "Circle Of Friends".

Circle of Friends

Hello songs for circle time are a special bit of magic all their own. Children come into a setting, excited and buzzing about! Dare I say that maybe they are even running around and chasing one another in circles. How do we shift their brains from this frenzy and turn the scene from an excited zoo to focused and calm serenity? You need a transition, and welcome songs are going to do the trick!

If we walk together regardless of what happens Courage of many more times will surge up And we can overcome anything; we are protected. The words we swore on the setting sun stained red Is being absorbed by the sepia moon This passionate bond that stretches into the distance: I pray it continues forever. In the town unchanging from norm, the usual smiles Resonating, coinciding with each other — this dear place There were times we cried; during those times you Just quietly and softly stood by my side. Even if time flows and our ways part I want you to keep protecting, without destroying Keep looking ahead, without turning back. Ikusen mono koosasuru michi de bokura wa deaetta Hashagi attari, fuzakeatari shita ano hi Katari akashita yume no asa ashidori mo karuku Massugu na manazashi de mirai o misueteta. Nani ga okottemo tomo ni arukeba Nanbai mono yuuki ga michi afure Nori koerareru mamorarete iru. Aka ni somatta yuuhi ni chikatta kotoba wa Sepia no tsuki ni tsuikomarete yuku Haruka musunda atsui kizuna Douka towa ni tsuzuki masu youni.

Lyrics to 'Circle of Friends (English Cover)' by K: Verse / The crossroad where a thousand lives go everyday; / That's when I first met you all, / I didn't know but.
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I made up a song about friendship and taught it to our kids. I want them to understand the importance of their own choices and behavior when forming friendships. - Via Paypal Via Amazon Login. Ikusen mono kousasuru michi de Bokura wa deaeta Massugu na manazashi de Mirai o misueteta Nani ga okotte mo Tomo ni arukeba Nandai mono yuuki ga michi afure Norikoe rareru Mamorarete iru Aka ni somatta yuuhi ni Chikatta kotoba wa Sepia no tsuki ni suikomarete yuku Haruka musunda Atsui kizuna Douka towa ni Tsuzukimasu you ni.

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You need to bravely face the mistakes, That's all it would take. Facing all those trials too, I wanted to protect you. Like the sun that would shine an evening red, Taking the words I would have said. A sepia moon in the sky, Taking us into its bright eyes. The things we held so close, The warm bonds we cradled. Even when together, I wished it last forever….



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