Running to america luis rodriguez

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running to america luis rodriguez

America Is Her Name by Luis J. Rodriguez

Set in the Pilsen barrio of Chicago, this childrens picture book gives a heartwarming message of hope. The heroine, America, is a primary school student who is unhappy in school until a poet visits the class and inspires the students to express themselves creatively--in Spanish or English. America Is Her Name emphasizes the power of individual creativity in overcoming a difficult environment and establishing self-worth and identity through the young girl Americas desire and determination to be a writer. This story deals realistically with the problems in urban neighborhoods and has an upbeat theme: you can succeed in spite of the odds against you. Carlos Vazquezs inspired four-color illustrations give a vivid sense of the barrio, as well as the beauty and strength of the young girl America.
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Luis Rodriguez and the Gift of Words

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Think about it: Like a lot of poetry, Los Angeles eschews narrative… or no, not eschews, but does not require it. Yes, it has stories, countless stories, but they do not always or often add up in the expected ways, or even add up particularly at all. Watts Towers, Miracle Mile, the endless sweep of the San Fernando Valley, all of it unfolding in the shadow metaphorical or otherwise of the La Brea Tar Pits, which is where Los Angeles, like everywhere, will eventually return. How else to make sense of this if not by way of verse? Clinton, Amy Gerstler, David Trinidad… all of whom encouraged me to engage with the place on its terms. Edited by Neelanjana Banerjee, Daniel A. Olivas, and Ruben J.

Luis Javier Rodriguez born is an American poet , novelist , journalist , critic , and columnist. He was the Los Angeles Poet Laureate. Rodriguez is recognized as a major figure in contemporary Chicano literature , and has received numerous awards for his work. It has been the subject of controversy when it was included in school reading lists in California, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas, due to its frank depictions of gang life. Rodriguez was the vice-presidential nominee of the Justice Party. In , Rodriguez ran as the Green Party of California 's candidate for Governor of California [6] [7] and received 66, votes 1.

Spanish version. Among countless literary awards and fellowships, best-selling author Luis J. In the s, he joined his first street gang at the age of 11 in San Gabriel Valley. He dropped out of high school at age 15 and was also kicked out of his home and became homeless. At the same time, Luis became politically involved in the Chicano Movement and was part of the infamous walkouts staged by students demanding equality in education. Luis efforts in community organizing were recognized especially when at age 18 he faced a six-year prison sentence and letters of support were written on his behalf. It was then that he made the choice to dedicate his life to serving the public on behalf of the Mexican American people.

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He is best known for his memoir of East L. Public Library and at the Ivar Theater in Hollywood. - Luis J.

Welcome to the website of Luis J. For Luis poetry is soul talk, a prophetic act, a powerful means to enlarge one's presence in the world. He has traveled across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, and Japan to speak, do poetry readings, indigenous ceremonies, or reportage over the past 40 years. No more capitalist private property relations, exploitation, war, or inequities. In all things compassion. Co-adapted by Luis J. Rodriguez and Hector Rodriguez, directed by Hector Rodriguez, the play will explore the dramatic tension between a youth worker trying to mentor a highly troubled gang member from violence, drugs, and jails to become an artist, writer, and social justice activist.

Search more than 3, biographies of contemporary and classic poets. In , Luis J. He grew up in Watts and the East Los Angeles area, where his family faced poverty and discrimination. Curbstone Books, Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home. Poems for Kids.

They are night shadows violating borders. There is a woman in her finest border-crossing wear: A purple blouse from an older sister, a pair of worn shoes from a church bazaar, a tattered coat from a former lover. There is a child dressed in black, fear sparkling from dark Indian eyes, clinging to a headless Barbie doll. And the men, some hardened, quiet, Others young and loud—you see something like this in prisons. Soon they will cross on their bellies, kissing black earth,.


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