Pam marshalla successful r therapy

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pam marshalla successful r therapy

Successful R Therapy: Fixing the Hardest Sound in the World by Pam Marshalla

Excellent for student and professional SLPs. Facilitate correct R in the most difficult clients with this unique blend of oral-motor and traditional articulation therapy. Understand how the jaw, lips, and tongue work for correct R production. Understand the difference between the Consonantal and the Vocal R, and between a Tip R and a Back R. Motivate clients to participate and succeed in R therapy. Material appropriate for clients two years of age and above. This book is being used as supplemental reading material in college and university courses on articulation.

Its a terrific book!
Jean DeGaetano
Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFT)

Our SLPs love it!!
M. Thomas Webber, Jr.
Super Duper Publications

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Successful R Therapy Fixing the Hardest Sound in the World

Fun Learning Materials for Kids! Create Account. My Account. International Customers. Take your oral-motor and articulation therapy to new heights with this fantastic new book from Pam Marshalla, a leader in the nationwide oral-motor movement. Successful R Therapy teaches you how to train even the most difficult R clients. You'll learn how to establish a "Cornerstone R" the first R sound your student can produce consistently and then move quickly to words, sentences, and conversational speech.

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I tend to work on Vocalic R with a retroflex R first because I like to teach the contrast between Ah Jaw low, mouth open, tongue low with R jaw high, mouth almost closed, tongue curled up and back. I also find that starting with a big Ah and teaching the client to prolong it helps him hear…. Several questions have come in recently about how to get rid of hypernasality on a specific phoneme, particularly the hypernasal R and the nasal snort on one or more of the sibilants. These clients sniff, snort, or allow some nasal sound to escape during production of their error phoneme s. Peterson-Falzone and…. Q: I have an elementary age male client that was attaining an adequate R, but then we had scheduling problems and he lost it. I cannot get it anywhere now.

From manipulative devices to books to programs to TpT products, there are a lot of fun ways to target this sound! This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. Yesterday I went over all these items. Here are the links for these items again for your convenience. The Tongue-LifteR 2. Here are some that I recommend or your fellow SLPs have recommended.


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