House of cards zoe death reaction

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house of cards zoe death reaction

Decisions and Consequences: A Pride & Prejudice Variation by Zoe Burton

Elizabeth Bennet has received two proposals of marriage in the last twelve hours: one from her ridiculous cousin Mr. Collins and the other from the arrogant and disdainful Mr. Darcy. She turns both of them down flat. Unfortunately for her, between her mother’s insistence that she marry and some mysterious hold Mr. Darcy has over her father, she is forced to choose one.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a man in need of a wife. He has searched high and low amongst the high society women of London but has yet to meet someone who combines all the attributes he requires. When he meets Miss Elizabeth Bennet in the small market town of Meryton, he finds her pointed dislike of him refreshing in its honesty. After observing her for a while, he decides he will marry her, and instructs his solicitor to investigate Mr. Bennet in the hopes of finding some sort of leverage to force her to accept him.

Though she chooses Darcy, Elizabeth is not happy. It takes weeks of being in his presence and learning his character, and the drama of people totally unrelated to her, to make Elizabeth see that that the consequence of her decision could possibly be a deep, abiding love.
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Top 10 Most Shocking House of Cards Moments

House of Cards season 5: Will Zoe return from the dead? Could Kate Mara come back?

House of Cards ' second season got off to a shocking start with a big scene that involves Zoe Barnes Kate Mara. While we're still reeling from the event, we can't help but think back to some hints that this was coming. If you haven't seen the first episode of the second season, turn back now, but if you have, keep reading. Francis Underwood Kevin Spacey kills Zoe in the second season by pushing her in front of a moving train during a secret meeting at a train station. At this point, the pair's relationship is strained, but Zoe is attempting to show Francis that she is willing to work with him again, despite turning against him in the first season.

The couple are running for election as president and vice president, and are as ruthless as ever. Early reviews have teased that the Underwoods might, once again, be forced to kill off enemies who threaten to derail their plans. This of course brings back memories of one of the most popular characters of the series, reporter Zoe Barnes. Zoe was a major player in season one, embarking on an illicit affair with Frank while leaking stories about his rivals to the press. When Zoe began asking too many questions, Frank brutally pushed her in front of a train in one of the most shocking and memorable scenes of the series. The image shows Zoe smiling knowingly with a phone held to her ear while looking out of a car window. Fans were quick to speculate about what the post could mean, with many taking it to mean that Zoe will be alive in season five and others guessing that she might have a twin sister.


At first, season two seems poised to deliver the same slow narrative burn and atmospheric gloom as season one. The actual moment when it happens is thrilling, after a quiet confrontation between Zoe and Frank at the Cathedral Heights metro station. But most frustrating is the aftermath of the murder—which is to say, the lack thereof. A few grave TV news dispatches announce Zoe's death. But by the end of the fourth episode Netflix only released the first four episodes to critics , there has been no funeral, no sign that the murder has been a major event for the media world, no particular reason to care that she is gone.

Frank Underwood ruined Valentine's Day. Or he improved it, depending on your feelings about Zoe Barnes. House of Cards debuted its second season on Netflix Friday Cupid's Day and episode one ended with a bang. Make that a messy thud. The violent death of Barnes at the hands of the VP shocked fans who shared their feelings online. No one understands your pain like the Internet, HoC fans.


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