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this is marketing seth godin amazon

This is Marketing: You Cant Be Seen Until You Learn To See by Seth Godin

As someone who works in Marketing and Communications, I thoroughly enjoyed reading, learning and getting some reinforcements on things I already knew. I have been a practicing Marketer for the last 8 years and reading this book really helped to simplify and expand on issues I encounter on a daily basis.

This is a book about roots. About anchoring your work deeply in the dreams, desires, and communities of those you seek to serve. Itís about changing people for the better, creating work you can be proud of. And itís about being a driver of the market, not simply being market-driven.

Having launched BookOfCinz this year, reading this from a Creative perspective really opened my eyes. It is so hard to stay focus in this Marketing world where numbers, likes and mass is the goal. However, this book reinforces the point that mass isnt everything and influence always wins.

If you are in the filed of marketing, I highly recommend reading this.

The relentless pursuit of mass will make you boring, because mass means average, it means the center of the curve, it requires you to offend no one and satisfy everyone. It will lead to compromises and generalizations. Begin instead with the smallest viable market. Whatís the minimum number of people you would need to influence to make it worth the effort?
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This Is Marketing

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By James Razko. Without realizing it, many of us are marketing every day of lives, looking to gain likes instead of the dollars that advertising machines like Instagram and Facebook seek. Getting ahold of what marketing is and approaching it with empathy and service as core values will help you see the world and others more clearly. This is Marketing , Seth Godin. Many people forget marketing and advertising are different because they are so closely related. Ideas germinate from small peer to peer groups, spreading to larger groups.

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