I feel like killing myself everyday

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i feel like killing myself everyday

Suicide Quotes (1566 quotes)

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Published 04.12.2018

For Those Considering Suicide

When You Don’t Want to Be Here, but You’re Too Afraid to Die

It is never something to be taken lightly. For some people, thinking about suicide is in some ways a relief. No one wants to say that; no one wants to admit or accept that. But by not talking about it, we are making it harder for someone to ask for help when those thoughts become too much to handle. I say that knowing full well that if family, friends or coworkers were to see it, they would not understand. But if even one person sees that and realizes they are not alone, it is worth it.

For the past year, I have felt regular thoughts of killing myself. Usually with a gun. In the past 2 weeks there is nothing else I can think about. I have still managed to arrive at work I am a highly skilled professional and calling in sick is not an option. I have barely been able to take care of my kids and home and animals. I will loose my job and my professional license if I seek help for depression.

How Our Helpline Works

Your jail anklet saved your life. They should put that in an advertisement. They should get a testimonial from you. I came to in a hospital bed with a sore head. I reached into my hair and felt the staples in my scalp. A handsome young dark-haired doctor with a bushy mustache and brightly lit, amused eyes was standing at the side of my bed conversing cheerfully with me.

I typed this into Google a year ago, my hands shaking as I questioned what I meant. I felt selfish as I typed it, thinking about all of the people who had been suicidal, worrying that I was being disrespectful to those who had actually lost their lives that way. I also wondered whether I was just being dramatic. But I pressed enter anyway, desperate to find an answer for what I was feeling. To my surprise, I was met with search after search of the exact same question. There were so many other people feeling the exact same way. But I still felt what I felt.

Top Rated Answers. I think about suicide every day, and I have for a long time. I don't enjoy being alive at all, I've been to therapists and mental hospitals, but those only made me feel worse. Antidepressants were more like retardation pills than anything, and they gave me awful side effects, and I harmed myself way more on those than I do now. I think about suicide everyday Those are the thoughts that ultimately keep me alive everyday.


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    Pray with tb joshua online it is of the lords mercies

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    Just how suicidal are you?

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