Haiku poems about cherry blossom trees

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haiku poems about cherry blossom trees

Kobayashi Issa Quotes (Author of The Spring of My Life and Selected Haiku)

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cherry blossom haiku 2

Oh cherry blossom Firsts of new born spring's awesome - How I love thy all. Quinn Poem Hunter. Share this page:.

Forgetting (haiku by Sasa Vazic)

This is one of over fifty chapters in my upcoming long-delayed book, Cherry Blossom Epiphany chapter 10, to be precise. The poems are centered, use no capital letters, and are attractively arranged in clusters using double and triple columns. That is too much work for html. As it would be boring to see the poems in serial, I present them here in single line format, with apologies. Let me also add some things not explained below because the readers would already be familiar with them. First , unlike English, where "cherry" implies the fruit, in Japanese sakura refers to the tree, the blossom or more generally the tree in full blossom, though it can, in suitable context, even refer to the falling petals! Second , the common word hana , meaning either "blossom" or "flower" - which is to say that in Japanese, flowering trees are simply flowers - or anything precious or gorgeous, in the poetic context, unless otherwise indicated, is understood to mean "cherry blossoms.

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Issa is one of the four haiku greats of Japan. He wrote a tremendous amount of poetry and was known for his poetic appreciation for even the tiniest creatures. Translations by Haiku Guy. Basho is the most famous poet of the Edo Era, and now the most well-known haiku poet of all time. How many, many things They call to mind These cherry-blossoms! Very brief — Gleam of blossoms in the treetops On a moonlit night.

Frank Williams Barking, UK. Graham High Blackheath, UK. Mark Gilfillan London, UK. Alan Summers Chippenham, UK. Dietmar Tauchner Puchberg, Austria. Ian Storr Sheffield, UK.

Cherry blossoms or sakura , the flowers that have launched a thousand haikus, are in full bloom in Japan. During peak flowering time, which lasts from a week to 10 days, the nation engages in a frenzy of blossom appreciation with the kind of ardour that other countries reserve for sporting events or religious festivals. In the run-up to sakura , a televised Cherry Blossom Forecast offers a petal-by-petal analysis of the advance of the blooms as they ripple from the south to the north like a pink and white Mexican wave. Like with Christmas in the West, shops in Japan are quick to switch to saccharine sakura mode, with cherry blossom Kit Kats, cherry blossom cookie cutters, sakuramochi or rice cakes wrapped in cherry tree leaves and so on and on, on offer. You can sip on a cherry blossom mojito with sakura liqueur and cranberry juice instead of the usual white rum in upmarket bars.


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