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information about world deaf day

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Published 22.11.2018

World Deaf Day 2019

World Deaf Day 2018: Last Sunday of the Month of September, Theme

This day is celebrated worldwide on the initiative of the UN on the last Sunday of September, in honor of the establishment in of the International Federation of the deaf. The beginning of the formation and development of societies deaf people in many countries has been made possible thanks to the meetings and associations of graduates of schools for the deaf. On the bicentennial anniversary of the birth of the great Frenchman, was invited many deaf people from different countries, and it became the first international meeting of the communities that initiated the contact. On the planet about two and a half thousand tongues but there is one form of communication language attitudes and gestures. In ies of the world Federation of the deaf in order to maintain the international deaf events, we developed a special system of gestures, which he called Gestuno. In the first dictionary Gestuno, published in , recorded gestures, the third edition is already Unlike Gestuno, the international language of gestures developed in a natural way, in the course of the study which noted the use of natural and iconic gestures, a large number of iterations, use drawings and labels, lexical and grammatical elements of national sign languages.

World Deaf Day is used to celebrate by lots of people to make the deaf people get all the proper facilities and services to carry out their tasks easily without any problem. World Deaf Day makes the people create a proper attitude to develop many of the better ways and technologies to make every deaf people make them hear every voice with proper solutions. It is not very easy to develop many of the activities to make a lot of changes for very people for their own benefit. One has to come ahead to make the deaf people give them every type of facilities and services by which they also can be able to do many of the activities like the normal person can do to fulfil their own tasks for the achievement of their goals. World Deaf Day makes every people reach a life by which they can be able to create a lot of positive environment within the people to do any tasks properly and accurately. It is very helpful for the Deaf people to have better technologies for them to make them hear to live a better life.

About World Deaf Day. World Deaf Day is celebrated every year in last week (last Sunday of the month of September) of the September to draw the attention of.
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It is an international organization which initiated International Day of the Deaf in , World Deaf Day is celebrated every year in last week last Sunday of the month of September of the September to draw the attention of general public, politician and development authorities towards the achievements of the deaf people as well as deaf people community.

All through the celebration of the occasion, all the hard of hearing individuals association worldwide are urged extraordinarily to satisfy the requests and needs of the hard of hearing individuals and in addition expanding their rights everywhere throughout the world. The reason for celebration is a man named, Granville Richard Seymour Redmond got deafness as a result of the red fever in his initial adolescence. He was helped by his family to a great deal and given advanced education in a unique school. He was the proprietor of the characteristic aesthetic abilities which was getting spread everywhere throughout the world. Read More.

The World Federation of the Deaf WFD is an international non-governmental organization that acts as a peak body for national associations of Deaf people , with a focus on Deaf people who use sign language and their family and friends. The current 11 board members are all deaf. The offices are located in Helsinki , Finland. The congress was attended by representatives from 25 countries. Vittorio Ieralla who was elected as the President from Ieralla and Dr.


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