Pied du cochon sugar shack

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pied du cochon sugar shack

Sugar Shack: An Album from the Celebrated Au Pied de Cochon by Martin Picard

From Montreal’s celebrated Au Pied de Cochon restaurant comes this sequel to its bestselling food album. Indulge in a historic, artistic and humorous cooking adventure at the Cabane a Sucre, or Sugar Shack, a small restaurant in the Laurentian mountains that’s open just six weeks of the year. Set on 130 acres of maple bush, the Sugar Shack serves only one product: innovative takes on maple syrup and its derivatives drawn from trees on the property.

Forget everything you know about traditional pancakes and imagine, instead, 70 dishes such as pea soup with foie gras, pork rind salad and even lobster maki with maple syrup—all made with the silky, sticky boiled maple sap. This book celebrates more than just the recipes; it is an off-the-wall tribute to the nostalgia and the camaraderie of traditional sugaring off. A post-apocalyptic short story, zany illustrations by Au Pied de Cochon contributor Tom Tassel, and mouth-watering photos present an overall picture of this unique restaurant, maple syrup culture and the Rabelaisian Martin Picard and his friends. This irreverent romp through food and food culture might just be the opportunity youve been waiting for: to eat with your fingers in a three-star restaurant.
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Niklas Mat S08E06 Martin Picard at Sugar Shack Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal

Cabane A Sucre Au Pied De Cochon, Mirabel

As I recently made reservations for the harvest season in Nov. First, the location is in the pastoral QC countryside and it's just charming. The restaurant's look and decor fit in I was looking forward to this dinner and was disappointed. We had a nice drive to the country to reach the location and the trip is about 1 hour from Montreal. Service was friendly and very helpful with everyone being bilingual. The appetizers were interesting

I have been to the Au pied de cochon sugar shack two years in a row for their spring maple madness menu and have loved both of my experiences. His sugar shack menu is inspired by traditional Quebec recipes with his own personal twist sprinkled in. It is always an incredible feast of fat and sugar that will induce a food coma in even the most intrepid extreme eater. I have learned never to take more than one bite out of every dish and to always bring a Tupperware with me for leftovers. So why am I talking about a sugar shack in the middle of September?

As I recently made reservations for the harvest season in Nov. First, the location is in the pastoral QC countryside and it's just charming. The restaurant's look and decor fit in
he is a shining star

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When it comes to visiting restaurants, I try to abstain from expectation. But how was the food?

Open for just a few months in the spring and the autumn, the barn-like restaurant cements Picard's reputation as the 'wild chef' he starred in a TV show of the same name serving epic feasts that are so extravagant that diners often struggle to make it through to dessert. Sap is extracted from the surrounding maple trees and boiled down into maple syrup, which is liberally applied across the menu in rustic dishes such as maple syrup foie gras with homemade bread, baked beans and boiled eggs in maple syrup. Pork from Picard's own pigs, reared in the woods, is also a staple of the menu, with options including piglet cooked on hay, served with deep-fried duck fat crepes. Diners sit at long communal tables in the rough-and-ready dining room, which builds a raucous atmosphere as the steady stream of food from the open kitchen is matched by a flood of wine, beer and brandy from the bar. The World's 50 Best Restaurants The World's 50 Best Restaurants list is an annual snapshot of the opinions and experiences of almost 1, international restaurant industry experts.


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