Percy jackson brother of kronos fanfiction

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percy jackson brother of kronos fanfiction

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Kronos death scene Percy Jackson sea of monsters

To tell the truth. There were always seven children of Kronos. The youngest, of course, was Zeus After the gods defeated their father, Kronos. They drew lots to decide who would be the rulers of the skies, the seas and the heavens. The earth was neutral territory. The seventh child, brother of the big three, was soon forgotten by most of the world.

AN: Hey everyone. This will be my first story, so I hope I don't look too stupid. After reading fanfictions for the past year, I've finally decided to get off my lazy butt and write a story. This is an idea that I've had for quite a long time, and I haven't seen many of these types of stories on fanfiction so I hope you guys enjoy it. Perseus will display intelligence that he doesn't normally doesn't have in the series, but I hope that won't deter readers too much.

Now Kronos has broken loose and he has to team up with his most hated brother to defeat the King of the Titans. (Rewrite of The Devil).
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Percy's Lost sister (Percy Jackson Fanfic Trailer)

He was kept a secret from his siblings and his father trained him in his powers and as his heir. Upon seeing his father chopped to bits and pieces by his siblings, he vowed revenge. He traveled to Tartarus, using the monsters to master his powers and abilities. While there, he forged his Symbol of Power using his favorite Grand-Uncle's personal forge. He moved on and conquered the arena, where he lie in wait for his father to rise once more. NOTE: Perseus will be cruel and vindictive in this story.


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    The throne room was quiet, all gods and goddesses that sat upon their thrones were spent and tired, barely surviving the war with Gaia and her children, the giants, that had just passed.

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