Time to make a change

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time to make a change

Quote by Tupac Shakur: “You gotta make a change. Its time for us as a p...”

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Published 03.12.2018

It's Time - The Winans

6 Signs It’s Time To Make A Change

These words resonate for me in a deeply personal way. The importance of being in the here and now, of recognizing that every moment is an opportunity to wake up to what is happening and what is possible, saved my life. The youngest of eight children in an abusive home, and I used food to feel safe. I overate every day, hated myself for it, and yet could not stop. I started addicted to food, and by my teenage years I was addicted to alcohol and drugs, as well. By age 24, I was designing my ending and talked regularly about taking my life. I was a fat, depressed drunk who hated herself, until a major shift happened.

Then we realize that these places are filled with people, including us, so perfect is far from possible. Photo Credit: WarzauWynn via Compfight cc. Especially in dating relationships. Relationships can be the trickiest one to spot the crazy. I was once in a relationship that I was becoming increasingly sure it was something special. And she assured me she felt the same.

1. When you’re swimming in a toxic cesspool of swirling crazy

When is the best time to make a change? There is never an ideal time except for the present moment. The answer is now. It is fear that keeps us from making a change, even when we know it is best for us. Often, we stay stuck because we are more comfortable being unhappy than we are facing the uncertainty of trying something new. However, this feeling is there to guide you toward making a change. The feeling of uninspired means the things that once filled you up and made you excited are no longer provoking those positive feelings.

The sidelines have become your comfort zone. But the truth is, not taking a swing at life will strike you out faster than you think. Everything you want to achieve has been at your fingertips all along. You say yes to pineapple on your pizza because all of your friends love it. This is YOUR life after all. You show up to your shitty job like a zombie. Your feet find a way to make it home to the boyfriend you stopped loving months ago.


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    2. You don’t follow your heart when you make decisions, in fear of being judged by others.

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