Emily dickinson i gave myself to him poetry analysis

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emily dickinson i gave myself to him poetry analysis

Gather Round the Sound by Paulo Coelho

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Poetry Recitation 68: "I Gave Myself to Him" by Emily Dickinson

I gave myself to Him - online text: Summary, overview, explanation, meaning, description, purpose, Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views:
Paulo Coelho

I Gave Myself To Him - Poem by Emily Dickinson

Report Reply. The poem revolves around the subject of love and marriage. First you must understand the traditions of marriage in the 19th century; they were mostly made out of convenience not love. Here dickinson is exploring the nature of mutual commitment and that until the promise has been made the 'value' of the transaction cannot be fully assessed. However, I do agree this is one of Dickinson's more lucid poems. The 'sweet debt' is the debt she pays to her husband having sex , but the oxymoron of 'sweet' is that she can may as well enjoy it.

Emily Dickinson

This is a poem about belonging as a commitment; how seductive physical intimacy can be at first appearance but also how daily routine can erode the romance. It could be a fantasy or dream Dickinson expresses. There is no evidence that Dickinson had a consummated relationship with anyone- she never married. She did have a number of male friends, but the relationships appear platonic. The poem can be read literally about a submissive wife derived from a biblical source:.

Modernist Poetry. She uses rhyming with Pay and Way. The Wealth might disappoint-- Myself a poorer prove - She is now talking about how she is from a poorer family and that this may disappoint her husband. When they woman says a poorer prove is an example of alliteration. Alliteration is when you put two or more words that start the same way together. Than this great Purchaser suspect, The Daily Own—of Love - She is saying that she is poorer than her husband suspects and that he is wealthy. In essence he has "married down".


  1. Jennifer E. says:

    'I Gave Myself To Him' is not a typical love poem through the poet, Emily Dickinson, using a variety of financial terms throughout. Here's an analysis.

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    the prowling Bee: I gave myself to Him —

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    “I gave myself to him.” Part Three: Love. Dickinson, Emily. Complete Poems

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    An analysis of the poem "I gave myself to him" by Emily Dickinson. Provides a small summary concerning the theme of marriage and a.

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