Buying a yacht instead of a house

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buying a yacht instead of a house

How to not, Buy a Yacht (Sailing Nandji Book 1) by Captain Yosh

I am a bloke who bought a yacht instead of a house. This is my story and experiences of doing exactly that. We bought our vessel Nandji without knowing a thing about sailing. Maybe we were a little silly in our decision making at the time, but looking back now and I would not change a thing. Obviously I am not an expert sailor, but we believe if you are passionate and dedicated enough, you can achieve anything.
In this book, hopefully you will learn from our mistakes. Our story of choosing to live on the ocean was not a choice made over night. Discover the choices we made and how we went about becoming sailors. How to not, Buy a Yacht delivers our story of gaining valuable sailing experience from racing to cruising. It contains stories of our first passage crossing to Kangaroo Island and takes you along for the ride on our first sail, where of course things go wrong... I explain the challenges of living on the ocean and how we have adjusted to our new way of life.
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How Much Does It Cost To Live On A Boat???

Buying A Yacht For Your Retirement? Here's What You Need To Know

If you are a longtime boat owner, you know that owning a boat is a costly affair. Making decisions that keep not only the cost of your initial purchase, but also the long-term cost of ownership, well within you financial means is one of the critical factors of keeping the pleasure in boating. Its very hard to enjoy your boat when it becomes an unexpected drain on your financial resources. If you're buying your first boat, or are making a considerable step up in size, the following are some important points that should be carefully considered to help you achieve maximum enjoyment from your purchase. One of the most important considerations is keeping the total cost of your purchase well within your financial means. One of the considerations often overlooked when purchasing a new boat is what the vessel will be worth a few years later in the event that you suddenly need to liquidate. And although the immediate depreciation rate of most new boats is not quite so bad, the owner of a newer vessel is going to take a serious hit in the event that he has to suddenly sell.

More often than not, when people daydream about winning the lottery or making it rich some other way, they wish for a private yacht with a crew so they can sail around the world. They want to live like the elite, such as Tiger Woods, who has a foot private yacht called Privacy with five guest rooms, a Jacuzzi, elevator, walk-in refrigerator and more. Owning a yacht might seem like an unattainable dream unless you're raking in the salaries of a Woods or a Spielberg, but it is possible, especially if you're willing to compromise on size. I am deeply fond of those memories. I learned how to water ski, wind surf, sail and exploring the sand dunes of Port Jefferson, New York.

For almost three years my family and I have been travelling from one location to another. We certainly were not living on a boat in a marina! We started off in the Mediterranean, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, cruised the Caribbean and eventually, after 18, miles, have decided to settle down for a long-term stay 1 year? After many discussions my husband and I decided that a proper schooling environment would be best. We decided to temporarily curtail our cruising lifestyle and instead enroll our daughter, Sienna, into first grade in America.

I believe “float homes” fall into this category - basically a house built on a floating structure rather than a seaworthy boat. If you moor at a marina.
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Living on a boat means that the Trains can take their home wherever they go. Francesca Spidalieri Three years ago, Sam Train, a naval officer stationed in Newport, Rhode Island, asked his wife, Francesca Spidalieri, if she'd be willing to live on a boat. But it made perfect sense to Francesca, since the couple would be moving every few years. For two years, they lived on board during the summer, then moved to a rental apartment in winter. But at the end of , they found out that they'd be moving to San Diego, where the climate would be mild enough to live on the boat year round.


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