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captain america john romita jr

Captain America, Volume 2: Castaway In Dimension Z, Book Two by Rick Remender

The odd saga of Dimension Z continues, with the shocking fate of Captain America revealed: Steve Rogers is dead...long live Captain Zola! But even as Arnim Zola gets everything he wants, a traitor strikes. Ians fate is decided as Zolas master plan is revealed...but how does it all fit with Captain Zolas quest for lies, injustice, and the Dimension Z way?

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Published 02.12.2018

Captain America #5 - John Romita Jr. - Marvel AR

This week, Marvel Comics has brought a full regiment of live press conference calls to help inform about the upcoming Marvel NOW! The writer stated the book will shift in tone, but stay true to the core character of Steve Rogers. Visually, it's going to be pretty crazy. John's plugging away on 3, so we've got a really good idea of what this looks like. After brief joking, Remender continued his compliments of Romita's Cap work, also calling out colorist Dean White. This is as far away from what I expected for Cap as you can get and I'm really enjoying this.

CAPTAIN AMERICA 6 ~ Matted Litho SIGNED by John Romita Jr.

In the late s and early s, many of the Marvel Universe's fantastic fields of science began moving forward by leaps and bounds as the nations of the world began their preparations for World War II. The Axis Powers also had many breakthroughs in the fields of genetics and biochemistry, mostly achieved by a devious scientist known as Arnim Zola, who was known as the Bio-Fanatic thanks to his penchant for conducting unholy experiments that tampered with and tweaked the biology of his subjects., Free shipping. Skip to main content.

For the past decade or so, it's almost been a necessity for Captain America to serve as a kind of barometer of the national mood. He fought terrorists in the Middle East, searched for weapons of mass destruction, dealt with angry protest groups, quelled election anxieties, and even surrendered and died when a political rift between heroes grew too wide. It's been a volatile period of American history, one in which keeping the country's superhero symbol grounded in some level of reality seemed right. Maybe it's the fact that a lengthy election is finally behind us, or maybe it's just because Marvel hit the soft reset button with Marvel NOW! If it serves as a gauge of anything, it's the status of Captain America himself, as a character.

John Romita Jr. His American debut was with a six-page story entitled "Chaos at the Coffee Bean! Romita's early popularity began with his run on Iron Man with writer David Michelinie and artist Bob Layton which began in The creative team introduced several supporting characters, including Stark's bodyguard girlfriend Bethany Cabe [8] and rival industrialist Justin Hammer. From to , Romita had an extended stint on Daredevil with writer Ann Nocenti and inker Al Williamson , which included the creation of long-running Daredevil nemesis Typhoid Mary. Klaus Janson was a frequent inker.


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