Ninja gaiden 2 chapter 2

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ninja gaiden 2 chapter 2

Ninja Gaiden 2: Prima Official Game Guide by Bryan Dawson

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Ninja Gaiden II - Path of the Master Ninja - Chapter 2 (NG+)

The Shadow of the Black Spider Clan reaches Hayabusa Village. The hunt for the Demon Statue, the key to resurrecting the Archfiend. Only Joe Hayabusa, his .
Bryan Dawson

Ninja Gaiden II Cheats

On the walkthrough it says just to shoot the arch fiend in the head however if you shoot him in the head the orb in his stomach will glow. Once the orb is glowing shoot it and it will take a huge chunk of his life as too the tiny amount that is taken by shooting him in the head. You still have to charge the arrows twice though. In these tunnels, there are a ton of small crab-like monsters. Using the kusari-gama, try to get large combos on a single one or groups.

Make your way down the graveyard to encounter some ninjas. Eliminate the next couple of ninjas that appear with some easy combos and work your way down to the Central Bridge area to encounter a new enemy. These pooches carry Swords in their mouths and aren't afraid to use it. Stay defensive and evasive and use the Blade Of Nirrti attack on them to slice them down. Keep doing this to kill them off and unleash Yellow Essence for UT's. Once all the pooches are toast, a short scene shows Muramasa's glowing Blue Statue!

You control Ryu in this level. You begin near a pathway decorated by arches. Head straight. Shortly after you get past the arches you'll come across a corpse. Examine it for a scroll about the Flying Swallow. As you approach the body, you'll be attacked by Ninjas.

For Ninja Gaiden II on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled " The cheap a** boss of chapter 2!!!".
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The hunt for the Demon Statue, the key to resurrecting the Archfiend. Only Joe Hayabusa, his body still mending from his last battle, stands between them. Genshin, leader of the Black Spider Ninja Clan, faces his longtime rival in a fateful duel. The seal binding the Demon Statue is broken. After the opening cutscene, run forward, beneath the red arches, and examine the corpse ahead of you to receive a notebook on the Flying Swallow technique. If you are quick with your shuriken or dash, you can kill the crow waiting on the corpse for some yellow essence.


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