History of greek immigration to america

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history of greek immigration to america

A Place for Us: A Greek Immigrant Boys Odyssey to a New Country and an Unknown Father by Nicholas Gage

Because I enjoyed Gage’s previous book, Eleni so much, I started this one with high expectations. Perhaps too high. Eleni. the story of his search for his mother’s killers, was full of suspense and high drama. A Place for Us is not.

I want to draw a comparison here between these two books, and the two books by Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes and Tis. Ashes held me spellbound, with its drama of travail. …. was interesting, but lacked the excitement generated in the early book.

It’s the same with these two books. After the heady broth of Eleni, A Place for Us is kind of bland. Maybe the journey is always more interesting than the arrival

Interesting, but not a page turner. Another story of an immigrant learning to adapt to America. We’ve had so many. This one does not stand out in the crowd. It certainly made me understand the dynamics of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Its deepest moments, however, come from Gage’s struggle to live within two identities.
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Greeks in America - National Hellenic Museum (Chicago)

Greek immigrants

Emigration and immigration sources list the names of people leaving emigration or coming into immigration Greece. These sources can be valuable in helping you determine where in Greece your ancestor came from. People who lived near each other in Greece often settled together in the country they emigrated to. Records were created when individuals emigrated from or immigrated into Greece. Sometimes the best sources for information about your immigrant ancestor are found in the country he or she immigrated to. These records sometimes provide the town of origin and other information.

Acculturation and Assimilation

A bout thirty-five million people, mainly from southern and eastern Europe, arrived on U. In southern Europe, the rise of the modern world made life difficult for some, particularly for the struggling farmers and workers. Two southern European countries responsible for a significant portion of the mass migration were Italy and Greece. Between and , an estimated four million people left Italy for the United States , making Italians the single largest European national group to move to America in the era when people throughout eastern and central Europe were making a similar voyage. The Italians were not simply pursuing dreams of economic prosperity; they were also bringing with them a culture and traditions that became a central part of American culture and tradition.


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    Officially known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece is a mountainous peninsula located in southeastern Europe, between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

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    A young Greek immigrant on Ellis Island, New York City, late 19th century. The first Greek known to have been to what is now the United States Fuca, which today forms part of the Canada–United States border.

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    Greek Americans - Wikipedia

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