Haunting of hill house ending

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haunting of hill house ending

The Haunting of Hill House Quotes by Shirley Jackson

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If I Go, I'm Goin' (The Haunting of Hill House Version)

The season finale of The Haunting of Hill House sees the Crain family reuniting in the haunted house—along with all of the ghosts that have.

What is the Red Door? And 8 other questions about The Haunting of Hill House finale

This post contains spoilers about the ending of The Haunting of Hill House , so read on at your own peril. While the tale of the Bent-Neck Lady and the hell she was trapped in was truly frightening, The Haunting of Hill House made it very clear that family trauma is the true horror. Yes, ghosts are absolutely terrifying, but the residual dysfunction after the violent death of your mother and devastating childhood pain? No Crain makes it out of Hill House unscathed, but the series does end on a positive note, with relationships mended, sobriety maintained, and walls coming down. While it may not have perfectly matched the tone of the rest of the series, I for one enjoyed seeing the Crain family find some happiness. After the family is drawn back to Hill House, they learn the true nature of the ominous Red Room: It had in fact been opened and had fashioned itself into the ideal space for each Crain, like a sinister Room of Requirement, in order to suck them into the House forever.

The hit series currently has a 91 percent fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, and it's been called the first great horror TV show by some critics and fans. More importantly, people just can't seem to get the series out of their heads. There are even The Haunting of Hill House ending theories that take what viewers watched in the final episode, and flip it on its head by suggesting that everything wasn't as happy as it seemed for the Crain family. Spoilers ahead. Surprisingly, The Haunting of Hill House does appear to have a happy ending.

The following contains spoilers for The Haunting of Hill House. One of the hardest things for any horror movie to pull off is a satisfying ending. Finally all of the Crain family is back at the house that haunted them their whole lives. The episode opens with at first seems like a groan-worthy rhetorical device. Steve is writing the story of what happened to him and his siblings when they returned to Hill House and sharing his progress with his suddenly very pregnant wife. At first this is disappointing. Steve is still in Hill House and experiencing some house-induced hallucinations.

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So we're going to talk about - and try and answer - those questions. Digesting the family takes the form of getting inside their head and slowly brainwashing them, like what happened to Olivia Crain. That leaves them susceptible to the influence of the ghosts roaming the hallways. Notice how Hugh very rarely saw ghosts? Luckily for her

Then again, the Crain family's stately manor isn't a typical haunted house, either. Oh, Hill House is stuffed full of more spirits, spectres, and ghoulies than any other structure in television history, but they're not the bad guys. The house itself is, and that changes everything. The Haunting of Hill House isn't a particularly subtle show, and if you're paying attention you can probably figure out what's going on — assuming you can keep all the pieces straight. The Haunting of Hill House isn't a simple ghost story.


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