Saint germain foundation mt shasta

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saint germain foundation mt shasta

Step By Step: Ascended Master Discourses by Peter Mt. Shasta

Discourses by the Ascended Masters on manifesting the I AM God Presence in daily life. This is a collection of talks channeled by a former staff member of the Saint Germain Foundation after Mr. Ballard ascended in 1940. They were given to a small group of former student of the I AM Activity through the joint effort of Pearl Dorris and Robert LeFevre. The book has been edited to modernize the language and eliminate repetitious material by Pearls former student, Peter Mt. Shasta.

As well as giving rare information about the Laws of Life, the Principle of Oneness, the Seven Stages of Consciousness, how to invoke your own God Presence, and many other useful clues to mastery, reading the book invokes a tangible power containing a blessing from the Masters.
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Published 02.12.2018

Master Germain reveals hidden secrets and destiny of Mount Shasta

Saint Germain Foundation

Not only for their own protection, illumination and perfection, but that of their own country, America and all mankind. Our headquarters are located in Chicago and there are other Saint Germain Foundations in various countries throughout the world. Cults are known for binding their members to the organization and charging a membership fee and it is very difficult to leave the group. The Saint Germain Foundation never solicits students or asks for a dime from anyone. Every "I AM" Student can leave the activity at any time without having to explain anything to anybody.

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People want to buy my business. To buy my bakery they want to sit in it first for several days and absorb the colors and recharge their electrons. I have no idea what they are talking about. The bakery is painted white everywhere as that is the standard health code color here. I thought it was a local cult of some wierdos and had never heard of them until I moved here to Mt.


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